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5 Signs It’s Time for a Kitchen Remodel

A renovated walk-in shower with tan brushed tile and granite bench.

Anyone who buys or owns a home with Formica countertops or Harvest Gold appliances is keenly aware it’s time for a kitchen remodel. However, some signs aren’t quite as obvious.

You might have a refrigerator and dishwasher that are perfectly serviceable and cabinets that do a fine job of holding all your dishes, pots, and pans. But look a little closer, and you might admit you could do with a little more prep space, a better layout, and some updated lighting and fixtures. 

Remodeling the kitchen takes a significant amount of time and money, so you want to make sure you have good reasons for investing. These five signs almost always signal it’s time for a change.

Lack of Preparation Space

Experienced kitchen designers agree you need at least 36 inches of uninterrupted counter space for prep work — 42 inches if you’re a baker who frequently rolls out dough. The National Kitchen and Bath Association suggests 15 inches on each side of the refrigerator and wall oven and at least nine inches of countertop behind an island cooktop.

The main sink should have at least 18 inches of counter space on one side and 24 inches on the other. Of course, if you still have those Formica countertops, you’ll want to consider replacing them with quartz or granite.

Outdated Appliances

Most kitchen appliances last 10 to 15 years, even with the best maintenance. While replacing the appliances during a kitchen remodel isn’t mandatory, they’re likely not as energy-efficient as newer models.

You might also want to consider replacing your plumbing fixtures at the same time, as low-flow faucets save a lot of water and help you save money while protecting the planet’s resources.

Insufficient Lighting

Outdated kitchens tend to suffer from the same lighting problems:

  • Not enough task lighting
  • Too much recessed lighting
  • Lack of switches
  • Too much variation in color temperature
  • Old-fashioned fixtures

To create a functional and beautiful new kitchen, lighting designers recommend placing recessed lighting between the wall cabinets and the island for general room illumination. Use pendant lights to create intimate conversation areas over the dining table or island.

Mount task lighting under upper cabinets and consider using LED lights to keep the heat down. 

A Non-Functional Layout

Ultimately, what makes a kitchen work is less the way it looks and more the way it functions. You have multiple kitchen layouts to choose from, but the best ones:

  • Reduce traffic
  • Create comfortable distances between main fixtures
  • Position the kitchen island so it doesn’t block appliances but is within arm’s reach of them
  • Carefully consider sink placement

The goal of any kitchen’s layout is to make it an easy-to-use space where everything’s close at hand and nothing is in the way.

Dated Cabinetry 

Nothing ages a kitchen like tired and worn-out cabinets. While not every kitchen remodel requires completely ripping out the upper and lower cabinets, you might want to replace yours if they’re damaged, don’t function well for your lifestyle, or you want a different cabinetry style.

Today, many homeowners replace lower fixed cabinets with pullouts and drawers, and some eliminate upper cabinets altogether, in favor of open shelving. Investing in new kitchen cabinets lets you choose the storage solutions that work best for you.

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