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Master Suite Remodeling in Montgomery & Bucks Counties

When you think about your master bedroom, do you think about how great it is — or do you think about everything it could be with just a few key changes? Whether your perfect master bedroom is just a few small tweaks away from perfection or demands a drastic overhaul, working with the bedroom remodeling contractors of Meridian Construction can bring your dream to reality.

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Why Remodel Your Master Bedroom/Suite?

On the fence about remodeling your master suite? It’s not as public of a space like your kitchen, living room, or even a guest bedroom or bathroom — and so many homeowners let their master bedroom lag behind when they begin improving their homes. But before you decide to settle for your master suite being “good enough,” consider the benefits of remodeling:

  • Functionality. There are countless ways your current bedroom might not be quite what you need it to be: poorly positioned windows or outlets, oddities of construction that make it difficult to set up your room as you prefer, floors that take more time to maintain than you like, closet doors that get in the way, etc. A remodel is the time to fix it all.
  • Personal satisfaction. Many of us spend more time in our bedrooms than in any other room in the house. A beautiful, convenient, fresh master bedroom can work wonders for your general well-being; you might not get as many compliments on it from guests, but you’ll be able to enjoy it every single day.
  • Value. Like any remodel, a master bedroom remodel adds to the value of your home. All the more so if you’ve already remodeled other parts of your home. Spread the love instead of revisiting the same few rooms over and over.

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Important Parts of Master Suite Remodels

When planning your master suite remodel with Meridian Construction’s expert team, we’ll go over every component of your master bedroom to help you pin down your needs, preferences, and constraints and then work to deliver the best possible results.

Closet space

Of course, when you think about master suite remodels or additions, you think closet space. A few minor tweaks to the use of space in your home can add up to huge gains in closet space — or vice versa if your current closets feel excessive!

Ceiling & wall design

Your ceilings and walls are the canvas on which your bedroom aesthetic is painted. You may want your favorite furniture to inform ceiling and wall design — or start with walls and ceilings you’ve always wanted and figure out the furniture from there.

Flooring options

Do you want thick, plush carpets you’ll love to step onto every morning as you roll out of bed? Or maybe you prefer the cool, refined aesthetic — and lowered allergens — of beautiful hardwood floors for your bedrooms.

Bedroom windows & placement

Do you get the natural light you want where you want it in your master bedroom? A master suite remodel is a great opportunity to finally resolve the problem of sunlight — get light where you do want it and shade where you don’t.

Electrical outlets & wiring

Good outlet placement is crucial to any bedroom, yet many homes have dreadful socket placement — and if someone ever tried a DIY fix for the problem, there’s a chance they have poor socket placement and poor wiring.

Master bedroom lighting

Good lighting can transform a dull room into a gorgeous room — and vice versa. We’ll work with you to make sure your room has exactly the right lighting for practical and aesthetic purposes.

And more

Countless small details add up to the final result of any room in your home. We’ll pin down all of them with you when planning your remodel to make sure you’re as pleased as possible with the end product.

Why Choose Meridian Construction?

For over 30 years, we’ve served clients across Montgomery and Bucks counties with expert contracting services. Today, we stand with a strong reputation for innovative design, exceptional craftsmanship, and unmatched customer service, backed by awards, certifications, and a long list of satisfied customers.

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