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Playroom Remodeling

Children can make a once-spacious home feel cramped. If the pitter-patter of little feet has become a ruckus that takes over the entire house, you may be thinking that upgrading to a larger home is the only option. But there’s another option that comes without the financial and logistical hassle: creating a playroom in your existing home.

Since 1989, Meridian Construction has been providing homeowners in Montgomery County with high-quality home remodels and home additions. We are an award-winning, full-service design/build remodeling firm that homeowners can count on to be trustworthy professionals and to deliver outstanding customer service. We can design a playroom that will give your kids space to play, store their toys, and grow.

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Remodeling for a Playroom

Playrooms aren’t just about blocks and art supplies; you’ll need to make some decisions before bringing in the toybox. Key remodeling aspects to consider when remodeling a room for a playroom include:

  • Electrical outlets: Any entertainment, gaming, or sound systems need to have the appropriate electrical hookups in place
  • Flooring: Carpet, laminate, vinyl, or tiles all have different advantages as playroom flooring. Laminate, vinyl, and tile are easier to clean and won’t be as torn up after a few years. Carpet is a softer surface in case children fall or trip.
  • Lighting: There are many different lighting options that you can put into a playroom, such as overheads, wall sconces, or spunky, colorful task lights.
  • Putting up walls/tearing down: You might be creating a playroom in a portion of a basement, or you may be expanding an existing room to create more play space. Either way, we can properly put up walls or tear them down as needed.

Features like below-grade plumbing and HVAC may also be necessary additions to a playroom. The experts at Meridian Construction will take all these into consideration when creating the perfect playroom for your home.

Visualizing the Ultimate Playroom Remodel

Creating the ultimate playroom may seem like a daunting task, but we can help you visualize a few key elements. Whether you want to refinish a basement, a spare bedroom, or an underutilized space in your home, the playroom is part of your home that your kids will enjoy for years to come.

Storage Spaces

It is exhausting always to be stepping over building blocks, Legos, and other toys. The playroom needs plenty of accessible, kid-friendly storage for your kids’ toys. Toys bins and easy pull-out drawers are great options; keep them at child height so kids can pick up after themselves.

Choosing a Theme

A playroom should help kids feel comfortable but also be a space where they can let their creativity fly. A theme for the room can help with that, whether that means just a color scheme or something more elaborate like built-in décor. Discuss with your children the kind of theme they would like to have. Blending themes can create a unique look that will work for children of various ages as they grow.

Adding Attractions

Depending on the ages of your children, you may want to consider a structure your kids can play in or use as a retreat, such as a small fort, tent, or castle. Sturdy built-in structures will stand up to years of active play; portable ones can be swapped in and out as your kids get older.

A Mini Library

A small library with a comfortable seating area or table is a great and functional addition to your kids’ playroom. Add shelving, bins, or wall racks to keep books at the ready, so your kids have plenty of opportunities to be creative and learn.


Movie marathons, reality show nights, family band jams, video game tournaments, and games of pool or pingpong: Whatever your family likes to do together, you’ll need space for it.  Entertainment space for the whole family to get together is not only fun for the kids but creates memories and traditions as a family.

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The trick to the ultimate playroom is to make it unique but also to allow it to grow with your children. If you are tired of feeling like you are ankle-deep in toys and are considering a playroom remodel, contact Meridian Construction today. Our expert designers and builders have formulated a proven process to ensure every job is a success.

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