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Sunroom Additions & Outdoor Spaces in Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA

In recent years, spaces that help connect homeowners to the outdoors have become increasingly popular. In Pennsylvania, sunrooms are an excellent way to increase the usable space in your home while bringing in the peacefulness of the outdoors.

At Meridian Construction, we have years of experience working with clients to affordably and effortlessly create a more flexible living space that can adapt to your changing lifestyle. If you want to increase the value of your home and enjoy a beautiful, relaxing space, consider remodeling or adding to your home with the design/build experts at Meridian Construction.

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What is a Sunroom?

A sunroom is a general term used to describe a room in a home which offers abundant natural light and views of the surrounding landscape. Sunrooms can refer to a screen room, a three-season room, or a four-season (or all-season) room. Depending on your home addition project, you may choose to add a porch or deck along with your sunroom to extend your home to the outdoors.

Three-Season & Four-Season Sunrooms

Sunrooms in Montgomery and Bucks CountiesAs the names suggest, three-season rooms are generally used during three seasons a year (all but winter), whereas a four-season room can be used year-round. Your vision and purpose for your sunroom can determine which type will be best for your home.

A three-season room is not insulated for colder weather, so it is typically designed for use in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. This type of room can be used to enjoy an outdoor setting and bring natural light into a home. It may be connected to a porch or have doors leading out to a front or backyard space. Three-season rooms may not require plumbing or HVAC setup since they are not used year-round.

Four-season rooms include insulation so the space can be used all year, and they’re usually built with energy-efficient glass windows. Three-season rooms typically have a door that closes them off from the rest of the home, but a four-season room may not, since it does not have heating and cooling limitations.

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Sunroom Design & Ideas

Sunrooms usually have walls made up of windows, and may be constructed in one of the following styles:

  • Gable: Two sloping roof panels that create a cathedral ceiling.
  • Studio: Single-pitch roof that slopes downward from the house.
  • Conservatory: The roof and walls of a conservatory sunroom are all glass, allowing for natural light at every angle of the room.
  • Solarium: Similar to a conservatory style, the walls and roof are glass, but the walls and roof are joined together in a continuous curve.

During the design process, our team at Meridian Construction will discuss the vision you have for the space to determine if these or a different design may be right for your sunroom addition. You may want to include a skylight, a fan, fireplace—the possibilities are endless!

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Outdoor Space Additions

If you are planning a remodeling project or home addition, you may consider adding a deck, porch, or patio. If you’re already planning a kitchen remodel, you may want to consider adding a deck or patio. Patios from a walk-out basement are also very popular features for basement remodels.

Whether you desire to incorporate an outdoor living space during your current remodeling project or want to start a sunroom addition, our team can help bring the beauty and serenity of the great outdoors to your home!

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At Meridian Construction, we make it our mission to create a sunroom space that you will love for years to come. When you choose an experienced contractor like us, you can expect professionalism, stellar customer service, and dependable delivery. We never make a promise that we can’t keep—and we make it our goal to leave you satisfied with your finished project!

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