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Home Office Additions & Remodeling in Pennsylvania

If you have been working from your kitchen counter, living room coffee table, or a small desk in your bedroom, it may be time to consider adding a home office. You might already have a spare room or loft you can convert into a productive work area, but if not, it’s also possible to expand your living space with a home addition and make room for an office.

As a full-service design/build remodeling company with decades of experience, Meridian Construction is the team you need to build a productive home office. If you live in the Montgomery County or Bucks County area of Pennsylvania, contact us online to schedule a consultation for your home office addition!

How Do I Design a Home Office?

Whether you remodel an existing bedroom to become your office or add to your home and build an office from scratch, you want the room to meet your needs without compromise. This requires you to thoughtfully consider what to include in your new home office. Here are some of the top features to choose from:

  • Custom cabinets: A built-in work area Home office space in Pennsylvania by Meridian Constructiontransforms your home office from a makeshift workspace into a room designed precisely to boost productivity. Your cabinets might include doors, drawers, shelves, filing cabinets, a computer workstation, and wall storage.
  • Electrical work: Whether you have to rewire the room for a computer or printer, or you need to add cable and telephone lines, this electrical work is an essential part of maximizing the functionality of your home office. You may also want to add light fixtures and switches to increase your lighting options.
  • Finishes: Your home office should exude a professional appearance, especially if you have clients visit or it can be seen in video calls. New drywall, baseboards, crown molding, and commercial-grade carpeting or hardwood floors are appropriate finishes for a home office.

If you are considering a home office addition or renovation in Montgomery County or Bucks County, PA, contact us online for a consultation!

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Considerations to Take When Remodeling Your Home Office

Along with creating a suitable design for your home office on paper, you must also think about how you’ll use the space to ensure it meets your every need. Ask yourself these questions to help you put the proper finishing touches on your new home office:

  • What time of day will you work in your home office? If you use your east-facing office during the morning hours or your west-facing office in the late afternoon, you’ll want blinds and drapes over the window to control how much natural light enters the room. For evening work, you’ll need to include a combination of general and task lighting to reduce eye strain when working on the computer.
  • What type of work do you do? Do clients visit your home office? How many people work in the space? Do you use a laptop or desktop? These are all factors that affect the features you should include in your home office.
  • What motivates your productivity? If outside noises distract you, it may be beneficial to soundproof your home office. If you love looking outside on your breaks, a large window can provide the view you desire.

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The most critical aspect of achieving the ideal home office is to hire Meridian Construction for the job. We have nearly three decades of experience remodeling and adding onto homes in Montgomery and Bucks counties in Pennsylvania.

It all begins with an initial consultation with our design/build team. When you’re ready, please contact us online or give us a call at 215-720-1863 to schedule your appointment to discuss your home office addition in Montgomery or Bucks County.

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