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5 Tips for Adding a Primary Suite Addition to Your Home

Brown two-story home with three-car garage underneath.

A primary suite addition is a popular remodeling project, and for good reason. These expansions provide increased comfort and privacy while improving your home’s resale value.

If your current primary bedroom feels cramped or lacks essential amenities, such as an ensuite bathroom, a primary suite addition offers a more luxurious and functional space. An endless variety of features, such as spa fixtures, built-in closets, and seating areas, can be incorporated to create your ideal personal retreat.

As a full-service design/build remodeling firm, Meridian Construction handles every step of your primary suite remodeling project, integrating a new addition into your home’s existing structure while maintaining its architectural character.

Here’s what to consider when planning your new primary suite:

1. Decide if You Want To Build Up or Out

You might have heard that building up is better than building out. While that may be the case in many home addition projects, a home’s existing characteristics often dictate the best way to move forward.

The Benefits of Building Up

For some homeowners, keeping the yard as a place for children to play or entertaining family and friends is often a critical deciding factor. In that case, preserving the size of your yard by building up might be best.

Adding a second-story primary suite might also be less expensive than building out, as it doesn’t require additional foundation work. An upper-floor addition can also provide better views of the surrounding area.

When Building Out Is Better

Aside from local zoning regulations, a primary consideration when building out is how much land will be used by extending your home’s footprint. A first-level addition can be a great option if your home sits on a large lot or you don’t use the yard often.

Although building out calls for additional foundation work, second-story additions generally require roof work and, in some cases, a new staircase or retrofitting for the added weight.

A first-floor primary suite is also ideal for aging-in-place remodeling, as people with limited mobility won’t have to worry about climbing stairs every day.

2. Consider Changes to Your Home’s Exterior

Another concern when adding a primary suite is how the addition will affect your home’s appearance. Creating a seamless connection between the new space and the existing structure requires thoughtful design considerations that ensure the new space complements your home’s current layout and architectural style.

Matching or harmonizing the siding, roofing materials, and window styles with the rest of the house maintains a cohesive look. Attention to details like trim work, eaves, and gutters ensures all features blend seamlessly.

3. Identify What Your Current Primary Bedroom Lacks

Before starting the design process for your new addition, assess what your current bedroom lacks. Potential priorities might include features such as:

  1. A private, spa-like ensuite bathroom for convenience and luxury
  2. One or more walk-in closets with built-ins that provide ample storage
  3. A cozy nook with comfortable seating for reading or relaxation
  4. Oversized windows or skylights that let natural light in
  5. A home office space or workstation for remote work
  6. Sound-dampening materials for a quieter, more restful environment
  7. Smart home features that help improve comfort and efficiency

By addressing these priorities ahead of time, your primary suite renovation can transform your space into a personalized retreat that meets all your needs and desires.

4. Invest in the Details & Amenities

Investing in thoughtful details and amenities elevates your new primary suite from ordinary to exquisite. These carefully chosen elements make your routines more luxurious and add long-term value to any home:

  • Radiant floor heating provides warm, cozy floors underfoot, especially in the bathroom area
  • Custom lighting design such as ambient, task, and accent lighting options for mood setting and functionality
  • Built-in sound systems with integrated speakers offer seamless entertainment throughout the suite
  • High-quality fixtures like premium faucets, showerheads, and hardware provide a luxurious touch
  • Customized storage solutions like tailored closet systems and built-ins ensure optimal organization
  • Premium materials like stone, wood, or other natural elements can create a calming, organic feel

5. Hire the Right Design/Build Team

Perhaps the most important tip is to work with an expert design/build team to design and construct your new primary suite addition. Home addition projects may include factors such as:

  • Zoning laws
  • Building codes
  • Historic preservation
  • Height allowances
  • Setbacks
  • Easements
  • Space allowance between lots

Since 1989, Meridian Construction’s award-winning team has navigated complex remodeling jobs with ease. We’ll ensure your project meets all local standards while providing the primary suite addition of your dreams.

We make sure you understand what works with your existing home and help determine the appropriate amount of space to fit in all your desired features.

From the initial meeting to project completion, our innovative process focuses on your needs and budget. We deliver a seamless and stress-free renovation that results in a beautiful, functional space tailored to your lifestyle.  

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