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2019 Home Design Trends

If you’re considering a home remodel, addition, or renovation this year, knowing the latest trends can help inspire you as you plan. We’ve compiled some of the current home design trends for you, so no matter what your home projects include for 2019, you can be up to date on what’s popular.

Read on to find out more about the most popular feature, material, and colors for each area of the home this year.

Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom Remodeling in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

Material: Wood. Homeowners are opting for a warmer tone in their bathroom remodels this year in contrast to the cold feeling that can sometimes be associated with tile, glass, or metal. Wood vanities in particular help give a feeling of warmth in the bathroom.

Feature: No-glass showers. According to Houzz, using a small curb or partial wall to offset a designated wet area is popular in bathroom remodels this year. This structure controls water spray but also gives an open and light feel to your home’s bathroom. Including more than one mounted shower head also helps create a spa-like feeling.

Colors: Grays. Better Homes & Gardens notes that grays are a great tone to pair with typical white features that will help add depth to the space. Pops of color can pair well with gray and white color schemes, giving you the opportunity to add your favorite colors.

Popular Bedroom Designs in 2019

Material: Fabrics. Instead of wooden head- and footboards, upholstered pieces are being used to create a richer texture in the bedroom. Fabrics like velvet and wool are likely to see a rise in popularity this year.

Feature: Wood flooring. With an emphasis on adding dimension to the bedroom, hard flooring will be a prominent feature in bedrooms this year. Paired with a bold rug, we’ll see flooring as a major design consideration in bedrooms this year.

Colors: Rich. In 2019, bedroom designs are including rich colors more and more. According to Apartment Therapy, this year will usher in the use of warmer whites and greens and move away from beiges and blues.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Wood Cabinetry in Montgomery County Kitchen Remodel

Material: Wood. A big kitchen trend we’re seeing this year is using wood to help create warmth and character. From cabinetry to accent walls, you can expect wood to be in popular demand this year.

Feature: Backsplashes. 2019 is seeing an emphasis on backsplashes in the kitchen. Backsplashes that take up the entire wall with unique and interesting geometric patterns are a hit among homeowners. Because open-concept kitchens are popular now, creating a focal point with the backsplash helps create visual interest in the space.

Colors: Dark. This year we’re seeing more deep colors, including black. Deeper shades of teals and greens will also be popular in kitchen remodels this year.

Living Room Design Trends in 2019

Material: Wood. Wood seems to be the name of the material game this year in home design. We’re seeing custom wood wall treatments and exposed wooden beams that, again, help add warmth and texture to rooms in the home. From floor-to-ceiling wood accent walls to wooden ceiling beams, 2019 is the year of using materials that encourage warmth throughout the home.

Feature: Interior Doors. Using glass and steel to divide rooms is popular this year. These materials merge open-concept designs and separated rooms. With the best of both worlds, these types of dividers and doors create an open and light feeling from room to room, but still act as a privacy and sound barrier.

Colors: Rich. Muted colors are often preferred for living areas, but this year we’ll see more greens, dramatic reds, and other statement colors to bring richness to the main rooms in the home.

2019 Home Design Takeaways

Overall, creating focal points and warmth is what homeowners are leaning toward this year. 2019 is seeing more rich, bold colors in many areas of the home, with wood being the material of choice.

As you plan your home remodeling projects for this year, you can think about the atmosphere you want to create in your home and how these design features might fit into your overall vision.

Home Remodeling in Montgomery & Bucks Counties

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