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When Is It Time to Upgrade My Master Bathroom?


There’s a reason that kitchens and master bathrooms sell homes: they are the two rooms with unlimited potential for gorgeous, high-end fixtures and finishes. Whether you’re considering upgrading your master bathroom for yourself or for prospective buyers, you can maximize your investment by choosing the best firm to complete the work. While Meridian Construction is the clear choice for high quality remodels among homeowners throughout the Pennsylvania area, only you can decide when the time is right. If your master bathroom no longer suits your needs, is outdated, or doesn’t reflect your personal style, Meridian can help.

Call the experts at Meridian Construction at 215-720-1863 to get started on your master bathroom remodel in Montgomery or Bucks County today, or contact us online.

When Is the Best Time to Remodel?

While there are no restrictions on when a homeowner can begin a remodel, you can save yourself time and money if you plan your project strategically and consider the following:

  • Fall is the busiest time of year for renovations and remodels, as homeowners take time to prepare for the holiday season.
  • Some materials can take longer to order; by planning ahead, you can avoid delays and frustration.

Master Bathroom Design Considerations

As the room where you begin and end each day, consider the following when planning your master bathroom upgrade:


In a room like the master bath where you may be waking up, winding down, or getting ready for the day, it’s important to have a variety of lighting types and fixtures to accommodate your needs, including:

  • Task – Adequate lighting beside the mirror is crucial for tasks such as shaving, makeup application, and more. Consider placing wall sconces at eye level on each side of the mirror as opposed to lighting from above, which can cause unwelcome shadows.
  • Accent – Perfect for highlighting architectural features or items such as artwork.
  • Ambient – Overall lighting can be supplied by multiple recessed fixtures around the perimeter of the room. Be sure to include a dimmer switch to adjust the level according to your needs.
  • Decorative –  Consider adding a central fixture or chandelier for added character.
  • Natural – Windows or skylights add a touch of nature and can help with ventilation.


Deep drawers, cabinetry, recessed shelving or medicine cabinets, open shelving, and more can house all your medicines, toiletries, and linens. With Meridian, you can customize your storage options as much as desired!


Whether you opt for porcelain tile, ceramic tile, or a natural stone, make sure the flooring you choose is non-slip, water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Radiant in-floor heating is a must for those cold Pennsylvania winter mornings.


With so many available options, you’ll need to ask yourself some important questions before you choose:

  • Do you need a bathtub?
  • Would you prefer individual vanities or a single vanity with dual sinks?
  • Would you like a separate water closet?
  • Is your master bathroom large enough to accommodate your fixtures, or do you need to add or borrow more space?


Save energy and natural resources by choosing low-flow water fixtures such as toilets and faucets. In-floor heating, new windows, upgraded lighting systems, and eco-friendly cabinets are also great “green” updates.

Schedule a Consultation for Your Master Bathroom Upgrade in Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA

The team of experts at Meridian Construction can help you achieve the master bathroom of your dreams using our time-honored design/build process. Our streamlined approach to the remodeling process is designed with the homeowner in mind, where the designer and contractor work together, and a project manager provides a single point of contact. Increase the beauty and functionality of your home with a master bathroom upgrade today by calling Meridian at (215) 720-1863.

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