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Top Window Trends for Summer

Summer is a popular time for home renovations. No matter what rooms you’re looking to renovate, new windows are a likely part of the project. Replacing old windows, enlarging existing windows, adding windows to previously blank walls — whatever your thoughts, the right installation can add interest to even the simplest room. Here are the top window trends for summer 2021 to consider including in your upcoming home renovation.

home theater with projector and large screen

Let the Light Shine in with Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

The dreary days of winter are far behind us. Reconnect with the outside world by adding gorgeous, floor-to-ceiling windows. The flood of natural light and the tickle of a cool breeze on your skin is just what you need when kicking back on a summer afternoon.

Add Seating with a Bay Window

When it’s too hot to go outside, everyone crams into the house to cool off. Do you have enough seating for everyone? By adding a bay window with a built-in window seat, you won’t need to drag chairs from the dining room to the living room ever again. Even once the crowd clears, you may find yourself drawn to the cushioned bench. After all, it’s the best seat in the house for gazing across the landscape while enjoying a good book.

Ventilate Stylishly with Awning, Hopper, or Casement Windows

All three of these window operating styles pivot open on hinges. Here’s how they work:

  • Awning windows have hinges on the top and pivot outward, making them perfect for rainy day ventilation.
  • Hopper windows have hinges on the bottom and pivot inward, similar to opening an oven door. They are often installed high on basement walls to bring light and fresh air to this underground space.
  • Casement windows have hinges on the side and pivot outward, so they’re ideal for hard-to-reach places behind sofas and kitchen counters.

Maximize the Views with Picture Windows

Picture windows don’t open, so their primary purpose is to provide a view. With no operational restrictions, picture windows can be larger than life, opening up your home like never before to the landscape beyond. Picture windows also belong high on the wall, extending the view to the ceiling.

Bring Your Plants Indoors with a Garden Window

Often installed behind the kitchen sink, garden windows have an extra-deep sill to hold houseplants and herbs. Some even feature a glass shelf to give you an additional level to put plants. The slanted glass ceiling of a garden window makes it a veritable greenhouse, with maximum light exposure no matter which way the window faces.

Stargaze from Home with Operable Skylights

Adding energy-efficient skylights is the best way to invite natural light into your home. You can even peer through them at night and spot your favorite constellations! Operable skylights are even more versatile, adding ventilation to a loft or attic space where traditional windows aren’t an option. This innovative window trend makes small spaces feel light and airy.

living room with doors open to a patio on the lake

Maximize Indoor-Outdoor Living with a Sliding Patio Door

If you always host pool parties in the summer, you’ll love the flexibility of a sliding patio door. It’s easy to keep an eye on everyone in the backyard when glass runs the entire length of the door. The sliding operation is also more convenient than a swinging door, especially if you want to keep pool gear at the ready just inside the patio door.

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