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Our Top 5 Favorite Basement Remodeling Trends

Sports bar basement remodel

Did you move into your home knowing you would finish the basement someday? If you find yourself wishing for additional living space, that day has arrived! With untapped space to work with, you might be wondering — how can you put your basement to good use and boost home value while you’re at it?

Adding storage or an extra bedroom and bathroom are the most common choices, but the basement is your chance to really get creative. Take a look at our top five favorite basement remodeling trends to inspire your project.

Home Theater

It costs an arm and a leg to take the family to a movie these days. Bring the entertainment to you with a home theater in your basement! The underground location is perfect for creating the right movie-watching atmosphere. Turn down the lights, crank up the sound, and immerse yourself in your favorite films like never before.

Popular home theater features include soundproofed walls, plush reclining seats, ceiling-mounted projector, surround sound speakers, LED floor lighting, and even a snack counter and popcorn machine for neighborhood movie nights.

Home Gym

Cancel that expensive gym membership and work out in the comfort of home with your own fitness room. Deck out the space however you like — a treadmill in one corner, a stationary bike in another, and a wall lined with dumbbells let you pick the exercise that fits your mood.

You can even add a sauna and steam shower to create a mini spa in the basement. Built-in speakers and a wall-mounted TV provide ample entertainment, so you’ll be less likely to skip your workouts.

Music Room

Do you wish you had a private space to practice the guitar? Did your son ask for a drum set for his birthday? Does your daughter’s band need a place to practice? A basement music room is the perfect solution.

Soundproofing lets the magic happen without disturbing the rest of the family. And building a raised stage creates a place to hold concerts for family and friends. Color-changing LED lights, mirrors, extra power outlets, and custom shelves to display musical instruments will transform your basement into the coolest rehearsal space on the block.

Wine Cellar

Wine is ideally stored below room temperature, making the basement a perfect place to build a wine cellar. Upgrade from your modest wine cabinet to a gorgeous, custom-built space with room to spare for your growing collection.

A remodeler with experience designing wine cellars can help you optimize the climate control system, formulate the best storage configuration, and select lighting to showcase your display. The finished product is sure to be the envy of family, friends, and neighbors.

Sports Bar

Everyone will want to come to your house for the big game when you have a veritable sports bar and lounge in your basement. You could put in a pool table, full-fledged granite bar top, oversized leather sofa, big-screen TV — let your imagination run wild!

Brick walls, display shelves, pendant lights, and hardwood floors provide the finishing touches you need to entertain adults and kids alike.

Remodel Your Basement With Meridian Construction

Meridian Construction has been taking the stress out of remodeling since 1989. Over the years, our family-owned design/build firm has transformed countless basements in Montgomery and Bucks counties, converting empty concrete shells into lively spaces designed for fitness, fun, and flicks. Choose us for your basement renovation, and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free design process from start to finish.

Check out more basement remodeling ideas in our portfolio and contact us online or call (215) 720-1863 to request a design consultation.

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