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5 Best Home Renovation Projects for Summer

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In this article, Meridian Construction covers some of the best home renovation projects to tackle during the summer.

With long, sunny days and beautiful weather, summer is an excellent time to renovate your home. Since your construction team won’t have to battle obstacles like snow, ice, or heavy rain, summer renovation projects tend to go smoother and quicker than projects completed at other times of the year.

But where should you start?

Through our years of experience, our team has a deep understanding of which projects are best reserved for the summer. Read on to discover the five best home renovation projects for summer!

The Five Best Renovation Projects To Tackle This Summer

Remodel Your Kitchen

Summer is a great time to remodel your kitchen, especially if you plan on cabinet replacements or flooring installations. These elements often require workers to keep windows and doors open to mitigate fumes and allow contractors to easily enter and exit the building when bringing in new materials and disposing of outdated fixtures.

With the nicer weather, having your windows and doors open won’t be as problematic as it would be when planning a remodel in winter.

Speaking of winter, planning a kitchen remodel during summer is a great way to ensure your culinary vision is ready to show off during the holiday season. With a remodel planned during the summer, your kitchen will be ready in time to entertain your friends and family all through the new year.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodels also require a great deal of indoor and outdoor work, making summer the perfect time to begin your project. Contractors also tend to be busiest during the fall, so planning a bathroom remodel in the off-season is a great way to take advantage of the increased availability.

Because bathroom remodels can take weeks to complete, planning your project during the summer gives you the opportunity to treat yourself to a “renovation vacation.” Especially when you choose an award-winning contractor like Meridian Construction, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to take some well-deserved time off knowing your home is in the best care.

Home Addition

Once again, the nicer weather comes to the rescue, making home additions a great project to plan in the summer. With the bulk of work happening outdoors during the initial construction phase, summer affords contractors longer working hours and fewer disruptions from inclement weather.

When you plan a home addition during the summer, you can have your project completed in time to entertain your holiday guests. Plus, with the added space, you’ll be able to invite your friends and family to stay as long as they like — within reason, of course. 

Sunroom & Outdoor Space

There’s nothing like having an outdoor oasis to escape to during the summer. Planning a sunroom renovation or outdoor space remodel during the summer is a great way to bring resort-like relaxation to your home.

Depending on when your project starts and its complexity, you may not get to enjoy it to its full potential this summer; however, you’ll have something to enjoy once summertime returns next year.

If you plan on a sunroom renovation in the summer, you can bring the outdoors in for longer enjoyment of all nature has to offer. Instead of saying goodbye to the great outdoors when the seasonal chill settles in, you’ll have a sunroom to escape to and enjoy the view from the comfort of your home.

Multi-Room or Whole-Home Remodel

When planning a multi-room or whole-home remodel, it’s best to take advantage of the increased contractor availability and pleasant weather the summer offers. Planning a multi-room remodel during the summer is a great way to ensure your friends and family have a place to stay during the holiday season.

Aside from increased space for guests, a multi-room or whole-home remodel is a great way to enhance the form and function of your home. Rather than having to relocate, a multi-room remodeling project allows you to enhance your living environment without having to move.

Choose Meridian Construction for Your Summer Project

If you want to transform your home this summer, trust the award-winning design and build contractors at Meridian Construction. Our Pennsylvania home remodelers have helped families bring their unique visions to life for over 30 years, offering the unparalleled customer service and commitment to satisfaction they deserve.

Let our team help make your house feel like home by requesting a home remodeling consultation with Meridian Construction this summer.

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