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Unlock Your Home’s Potential: How a Home Addition Can Increase Your Property Value in Southeastern PA

Adding a well-planned home is a great way to boost property value and enhance your living space. In Southeastern PA, varied architectural styles range from historical Colonial and Victorian homes to newer, more contemporary builds.

This means your home addition needs to meet your family’s needs while honoring the existing structure’s architecture. Considerations that help the addition feel integrated rather than tacked on include the proportions of the new structure, the materials used, and the roof style.

Meridian Construction has remodeled homes of many common architectural styles in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and we have addition ideas for each:


The Colonial style has symmetrical designs, two-story construction, gabled roofs, and intricate ornamentation, such as large columns and arches. The interior features a grand entrance, a wide staircase, and a fireplace.

Here are some seamless addition ideas for your Colonial home:

  • Adding a bedroom or home office over the garage enhances privacy and taps into unused space.
  • Expanding the kitchen with a strategically planned first-floor addition opens up the most important room in the house.
  • A dormer addition adds valuable space and light, enhancing your home’s structure without straying from its original character.


Victorian brick home exterior

Victorian homes have complex, asymmetrical shapes, elaborate detailing, and vibrant colors. Key features include pitched roofs, ornate gables, rounded towers, and impressive bay windows.

Decorative woodwork often adorns the exterior. Interiors are equally lavish, offering a unique canvas for additions:

  • A second- or third-story addition maximizes your living space without increasing the home’s footprint.
  • Creating a new primary suite is your chance to enjoy a luxurious and spacious area that’s larger than the other bedrooms in your home.


Ranch style home

Ranch-style homes are one-story properties with long, low profiles and attached garages. Key characteristics include open floor plans, large windows, and sliding glass doors.

Consider these additions well-suited to a ranch-style home:

  • An accessory dwelling unit near the main house provides excellent guest accommodations or a potential rental space.
  • A second-story addition can effectively double the living space of a single-story ranch home.
  • Installing a dormer addition in the attic increases curb appeal and adds living space with taller ceilings and natural light.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod style home

Cape Cod homes feature a charming, straightforward design. They’re characterized by steep roofs, symmetrical designs, and multi-paned windows flanking a central front door.

Traditional Cape Cods are one-and-a-half stories, with dormers providing light and space to the upper level. Cape Cod homes are perfect for these practical expansions:

  • A kitchen addition or a bump out provides more functional space in the heart of your home.
  • Adding an ADU increases your property’s value and versatility, offering an additional living area great for in-laws or other family members looking to age in place.
  • A dormer addition makes the upper floor more usable without altering the Cape Cod’s iconic silhouette.


Contemporary style home

Contemporary architecture encompasses a range of styles developed in the last 50 to 75 years. This style focuses on streamlined materials, visible structural elements, and expansive window walls.

There are plenty of opportunities for sleek, modern additions:

  • A primary suite addition adds a luxurious setting to your contemporary home where you can unwind after a long, hectic day.
  • A garage addition provides space for storage or vehicles while complementing your home’s modern aesthetic.
  • Building a sunroom addition allows even more natural light inside.

Expand Your Home With Meridian Construction

The Meridian Construction team would love the opportunity to enhance your Southeastern Pennsylvania home with an addition that suits your home’s architectural style.

If you ever decide to sell, buyers want a home that feels cohesive. These upgrades will only make your home more attractive, so you’ll get a good return on your investment.

We promise to handle the design and construction process from start to finish, creating a stress-free experience and lasting results you’ll love.

Call Meridian Construction for a free home addition consultation in Montgomery or Bucks County, PA.

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