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5 Reasons To Remodel in the Summer

Do you wish you could change certain things about your house? Perhaps you crave a new sunroom, a walk-in pantry, or a home theater in the basement.

What are you waiting for? You can create the living space you’ve always wanted by remodeling your home this summer!

Getting the timing right is an important part of any large-scale home improvement project, and summer offers more benefits than any other time of year.

Here’s what makes summer the perfect season to remodel:

Enjoy More Predictable Weather

Bad weather can slow down any home addition that involves tearing down exterior walls. If it starts raining, snowing, or getting too cold, you may have to put everything on hold until conditions improve. Summer typically has pleasant weather that can help your project stay on schedule.

Even if the renovation doesn’t extend beyond the exterior walls, it’s nice to have the option to open windows and doors and air out the construction dust.

Have Cookouts While the Kitchen Is Out of Commission

Warm weather makes it easy to cook and eat outside. The timing is perfect for remodeling your kitchen since you can grill meat and vegetables in your backyard. Of course, you can always eat out while your kitchen is under construction, but this option saves you money.

Increase your savings even more by setting up a mini-fridge, microwave, and temporary countertops in the garage or laundry room during your kitchen renovation.

Put Your Free Time to Good Use

Summers are less hectic for many families. This typically leaves time to take a family vacation, but consider spending your summer completing a bathroom renovation this year. With no school activities to worry about, you’ll have more free time to pick out tile, countertops, and paint colors.

Remodeling a bathroom when your kids have a more flexible schedule is also helpful so everyone can more conveniently share the bathroom that isn’t under construction.

Finish in Time for the Winter Holidays

Do you plan to host parties or have guests stay over during the holidays? It’s common to put off home updates until late fall or early winter, but by then, it’s a tight timeline to complete a whole-house remodeling project.

A major renovation is not something you want to rush through! By starting in the summer, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the project the way you want to, well before the winter holidays arrive.

Take Advantage of Summer Holiday Sales

Appliance retailers, furniture stores, and flooring outlets are known for offering their best sales on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

As a result, finishing your basement in the summer presents a great opportunity to save on big-ticket items for your project.

Just remember to work closely with your remodeler to time the delivery of your purchases after other major elements like flooring, painting, and more are completed.

Remodel Your Home This Summer With Meridian Construction

While every season has its benefits, summer is a great time to remodel. Turn to Meridian Construction if you’re ready to fall back in love with your home!

Since 1989, our award-winning design/build firm has transformed countless homes in Montgomery and Bucks counties.

Our team works hard to take the stress out of remodeling, ensuring you enjoy the process every step of the way. In the end, nothing is more important than your complete satisfaction!

Find inspiration for your home remodeling project by browsing our portfolio. Then, contact us at (215) 720-1863 to request a home remodeling consultation.

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