Exclusively Wellborn Cabinets

At Meridian Construction our entire focus has always been on providing our clients with an excellent product. As a full-service home renovation and remodeling company, we believe that homeowners should be given every opportunity possible to customize and personalize. To support this, we want to ensure that the products we use are of the highest quality. That’s why we work exclusively with Wellborn cabinets for kitchen remodel and bathroom remodel projects.

If you’re looking to find out more about Wellborn cabinets and why we love them, reach out to Meridian Construction by calling ​(215) 720-1863 or contacting us online!

Wellborn Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you are looking to build an entirely new kitchen or just update your kitchen space with new cabinetry, Meridian Construction will deliver the best product possible. Alongside our unique remodeling process and dedication to quality, we proudly offer Wellborn kitchen cabinets.

Because they offer a diverse range of kitchen cabinet colors, plenty of styles and options, and the ability to add more unique features as well, Wellborn cabinets are the perfect pick for your kitchen remodel or renovation.

Wellborn Bathroom Cabinets

If you’re looking to add beauty, functionality, and plenty of storage during your bathroom remodel, you’ll find no better solution than the ones you will have available with Wellborn cabinets through Meridian Construction. Our team can work right alongside you to find the bathroom cabinet colors and styles that suit your lifestyle to a tee, ensuring your bathroom remodel is finished in the ways that you want most.

Why We Choose Wellborn Cabinets

Plenty of manufacturers or craftsmen take pride in the quality of their custom cabinet fabrication. So why choose Wellborn? Wellborn wood cabinets’ beauty, longevity, and functionality make them our favorite choice in Pennsylvania homes. We choose Wellborn cabinets for all of our projects because Wellborn values the same principles we do: quality, functionality, beauty—all in one elegant package.

Since 1961, Wellborn Cabinet has been crafting gorgeous, durable kitchen, bathroom, and permanent home cabinets. With a golden reputation, over 50 years of proven quality, and endless customization and craftsmanship, you’ll find no better cabinet company.

We choose Wellborn because their cabinets offer far more than competitors and because Wellborn products’ quality is on par with our own—they’re stylish, unique, and last a lifetime.

Contact Meridian Construction for Wellborn Cabinets in Lansdale, PA

Since 1989, Meridian Construction has been the premier home remodeling company that Lansdale and Montgomery County homeowners can trust. If you’re looking for classic, rustic, or luxury kitchen cabinets, then our offerings from Wellborn are sure to leave you with exactly what you need.

Reach out to our team online to schedule a consultation for custom kitchen or bathroom cabinets, or call ​(215) 720-1863 to speak with a remodeling contractor in Lansdale now!