Mudrooms in Southeast Pennsylvania

mudroom at entry point of house with built in cabinets and coat hooks

Think about how your family comes and goes from your home. If you’re like most people, you tend to use the garage or the back door more than the front door. As a result, the mudroom has become the new foyer. It can be beautiful and functional, yet still separate from the main living space.

If you’re considering building a mudroom, turn to Meridian Construction for help. We pride ourselves on providing dependability, phenomenal customer service, and skilled design services. We’ll make your mudroom addition a pleasant, stress-free experience from start to finish!

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Why Get a Mudroom?

Adding a mudroom offers several benefits:

  • Provide storage space for coats, shoes, umbrellas, hats, backpacks, purses, and other outdoor gear
  • Help keep the rest of the house free of dirt, mud, and water
  • Reduce clutter in the main living area
  • Create extra space for paying bills or doing homework

Considerations for Building a Mudroom

The goal of any mudroom is to combine practicality and beauty. Here are some things to consider before building a mudroom:

  • Size: Mudrooms tend to be about 10 square feet. If you expect several people to occupy the space simultaneously, you may want a larger room than this.
  • Storage needs: Mudrooms can be organized in different ways. You might have a dedicated section for hanging coats and backpacks, another for setting shoes, and another for storing hats, gloves, and sunglasses. Then again, you might want a cubby space for each family member to keep their individual belongings.
  • Aesthetics: Do you plan to emphasize the “mud” or the “room”? Chances are you want something in the middle — a mudroom that helps your family transition between the indoor and outdoor space while adding stylishness that syncs with your home’s design aesthetic.
  • Durability: The flooring, counters, and storage areas must be durable to withstand soggy shoes, muddy paw prints, and sopping-wet snow gear.

Why Choose Meridian Construction?

After over 30 years serving Montgomery and Bucks counties, Meridian Construction has mastered the design/build process. You can count on our award-winning design team to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home with a new mudroom. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the space delights you and your family for years to come. Check out our reviews so you know what to expect when you work with us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Mudroom Remodeling

Does adding a mudroom increase home value?

Yes. A mudroom doesn’t just simplify your life — it can also boost home value and attract potential buyers, especially if the space includes clever, built-in storage solutions.

Why is it called a mudroom?

Modern mudrooms are stylish home additions, but their primary purpose is to manage muddy coats and other outdoor clothing. They got their name because they prevent the rest of the house from getting muddied.

What goes in a mudroom?

A mudroom is a utilitarian space, so it should include storage features, such as cabinets, hooks, shelves, drawers, and cubbies. Countertops and seating areas improve functionality even more. Mudrooms are often combined with laundry rooms and may include pet feeding or washing stations.

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