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Top Kitchen Updates in 2020

As the hardest-working room in the home, your kitchen deserves a little extra attention. The 2010s have come to a close, so there’s no better time to update your kitchen for the next decade! Here are the top kitchen trends of 2020 to consider including in your renovation.

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Minimalist Kitchens

Do you enjoy simple, unassuming interior designs? If so, this could be the perfect trend to bring your outdated kitchen into the new decade. Minimalism is characterized by clean lines and few details. Flat-paneled millwork, concealed cabinet hinges, and no-fuss hardware are mainstays of a minimalist kitchen.

Sustainable Materials

Kitchen designers and homeowners alike have greater respect for the environment than they did a decade ago. As a result, sustainable materials are in the spotlight now more than ever. Some options include bamboo or cork flooring, sustainably sourced countertops, and USA-made cabinetry. Eco-friendly choices don’t just benefit the environment — they are also beautiful, durable, and often more affordable than traditional materials. Learn more about our commitment to building “green.”

Bold Backsplashes

Looking for a place to make a statement in your kitchen? The backsplash could be the perfect place. Elaborate mosaics, beautiful texturing, and handmade tiles are all popular choices. Consider extending the backsplash from the countertop to the ceiling for an eye-catching focal point in the heart of your home.

Two-Tone Kitchens

While all-white kitchens are sure to never go out of style, contrasting colors are trending in 2020. The contrast of dark-colored cabinets and white countertops provides a sleek, clean appearance. Another way to incorporate a two-tone kitchen is with dark lower cabinets and light upper cabinets. You can also install wall cabinets in a bright color and a kitchen island in a dark, contrasting hue. Our 3D visualizing software will help you walk through the space during the design process, prior to committing to such a bold move.

Statement Stools

Even if you don’t have room for an eat-in kitchen, you may be interested in at least adding barstools. Avoid ordinary seating, and gravitate toward statement stools instead!

bright kitchen remodel with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops
bright kitchen remodel with countertops and gas range on the island
bright kitchen remodel with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops

Eye-Catching Pendant Lights

Modern kitchens have been steering clear of fluorescent light boxes for years, but instead of recessed lighting, consider pendant fixtures. Most often installed over the island or breakfast nook, pendant lights provide superior illumination for open-concept kitchens. From vintage to ultra-modern and everything in between, you’re sure to find a fixture that calls to you.

Doggie Food and Drink Stations

If you have pets, figuring out where to put their food and water dishes can be a pain. They often end up underfoot in the kitchen, where a spill can make a big mess. While redoing your kitchen, consider incorporating a built-in alcove under the countertop to house all your pet’s necessities, from bowls and extra food to treats and leashes.

Mix-and-Match Styling

Do you love both modern and traditional kitchens? You don’t have to settle for one or the other. With an expert kitchen designer by your side, you can stylishly incorporate things such as traditional cabinetry, vintage lighting, and contemporary slab countertops for a beautiful space that’s uniquely your own.

large kitchen island with quartz countertops

Kitchen Remodeling in Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA

If you’re looking to start the kitchen remodeling process, turn to Meridian Construction. We offer full video conferencing capabilities to hold your initial consultation and discuss your design needs. A typical renovation requires two to three months of pre-planning before construction begins, so now is the perfect time to start the process.

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