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6 Tips for Living in Your House During a Home Remodel

open kitchen renovation with small double island, 3 bar stools, hardwood flooring

Have you been dreaming of renovating your home for years? Perhaps you’re finally ready to take the plunge! Remodeling requires many important decisions about the layout, interior design, and features to include. You may be unsure whether to stay home during the project or relocate temporarily.

If you’re willing to endure minor inconveniences, staying put could save you money on a short-term house rental or extended-stay hotel. That’s why most people choose to live at home during a remodel. While not without its challenges, you can make this decision go as smoothly as possible by following these six tips.

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1. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

To avoid the expense of eating out for every meal during a kitchen renovation, designate a space for a temporary kitchen. You may set this up in your garage, laundry room, sunroom, or another out-of-the-way area.

The essentials include a microwave, coffee maker, toaster oven, and mini-fridge. Breakfast cereals, frozen dinners, and single-serve meals from the convenience store will be valuable resources during your kitchen renovation.

2. Pack & Protect Your Valuables

Personal items may get in the build crew’s way. Plus, construction dust can damage any delicate belongings you leave out, including electronics, art, and keepsakes.

Pack up anything you want to protect in cardboard boxes and move them to a closed-off portion of the house or even a separate storage unit. Clearly label all boxes to help you stay organized and return to normal quickly once the project is complete.

3. Adjust Your Bathroom Schedule

Are you working on a bathroom renovation? The only way to live at home throughout the project is if a second functional bathroom is available while the first is out of commission. Having the entire family share one bathroom can be a logistical nightmare, but not if you plan ahead.

Everyone must be willing to make compromises to avoid overcrowding the bathroom in the morning, such as showering at night or getting ready at the kitchen or laundry room sink.

4. Plan Outings

You may eagerly anticipate the results of your home renovation, but living among the temporary chaos can be tiresome. Plan outings as a family to get out of the house and enjoy time away from the construction.

You might take a day trip, pay a long-overdue visit to family members, or plan a weekend getaway.

5. Address Safety Concerns

During a remodel, your home may develop temporary safety hazards, such as missing railings, exposed wires, or stray nails. To keep curious kids and pets from getting hurt, work with your contractor to block off dangerous areas with temporary walls or gates.

6. Keep It Clean

Dust is inevitable during a home remodeling project, especially during the demolition and drywall-hanging phases. The build team should block off the construction zone with plastic partitions to minimize how much dust travels to untouched living areas.

Daily cleaning also helps manage dust and debris. Still, you may want to deep-clean your home when the project is complete. Consider hiring a cleaning service if you don’t want to do this yourself.

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