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5 Ways Lighting Can Make or Break Your Home Remodel

Before you started your kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation, we’ll bet that you spent countless hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest for home remodeling ideas. You’ve probably seen granite or marble countertops, colored cabinets (so on-trend right now), and luxury rain showerheads. However, did you notice the lighting? It’s easy to overlook, but lighting fixtures are the most underrated elements of any home remodel. Here at Meridian Construction, we know that lighting can make or break a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

We want your home remodel project to be as glamorous as what you see in that remodeling magazine you’ve been scouring. What color light is best for your kitchen? What are ways you can creatively light your bathroom? How do you make your lighting functional? We’ve got the answers — here are five ways that lighting (natural or otherwise) can enhance your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

White kitchen with under-cabinet lighting

1. Well Thought-Out Lighting Makes Kitchens More Functional

When you think about a kitchen’s functionality, you’re likely thinking of custom cabinets, creative storage space, and advanced kitchen appliances. However, smart kitchen lighting can be just as practical and useful as a Sub-Zero refrigerator. Not only does it add beautiful ambiance, but under-cabinet lighting can help light countertops to make meal preparation safer. Placement also plays a huge part in well-thought-out lighting. At Meridian, we use a lighting specialist to make sure that all recessed fixtures will cast light just where you need it, and avoids stark shadows. Nobody wants to cut their finger off while chopping veggies because of poor lighting in a newly renovated kitchen.

2. Warm Lighting Will Always Win Over Harsh Fluorescents

At Meridian Construction, we always love natural lighting — but sometimes the position of your kitchen or bathroom doesn’t allow for new windows or a skylight. So, your second-best option is to fill your kitchen or bathroom with warm lighting. Even though the environmentally friendly fluorescents have a bad reputation for being harsh and unflattering, they make warm-toned alternatives now! We always think that softer, warmer lighting will better complement any bathroom or kitchen renovation. Warm light promotes relaxation and tranquility, while cool light can help you focus better — in other words, cool light is for the office, and warm light is for the home.

3. Creative Lighting Makes a Room Feel Luxurious

You’ve planned for your clawfoot bathtub and wall-mounted toilet — maybe even heated tile! But how do you want to feel when you enter your new bathroom? How do you want your space to look during a relaxing bath or nighttime routine? Finding ways to light unexpected sections of the bathroom can create the perfect mood lighting. How about a dimmable, modern chandelier over that soaking tub? What about illuminating a unique floor tile walkway with motion-sensing, under-cabinet lighting? Choices like these can subtly take your space from “nice” to down-right luxurious.

Basement remodel with accent lighting the tray ceiling

4. Accent Lighting Highlights Your Space’s New Design

Perhaps you added a recess in the wall to have a special place for your cookbooks or a sculpture you brought back from Peru. Even if you’re not putting the spotlight on your prized possessions, recess or accent lighting can highlight elegant architectural features like alcoves, niches, or crown molding. Similar to the under-cabinet lighting mentioned in number three, we love the way crown molding lighting (also called “cove lighting”) brings the eye up. If you just renovated your staircase, you can also add lighting underneath to accent the new architecture.

5. Lighting as Decor — Not Just Light

Finally, if you don’t already know this, overhead lighting is an important part of interior design. Sometimes kitchen and bathroom overhead lighting fixtures can be neglected by homeowners when planning their remodel. A good general contractor will remind you that your overhead lighting — like pendant lighting or a chandelier — can add that extra something to a renovation. Make sure whatever you choose complements the rest of your style.

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