Aging in Place Remodeling in Montgomery & Bucks Counties, PA

As you get older, do you wish you could adapt your home to suit your changing needs? The team at Meridian Construction has the knowledge, training, and experience to design a solution that will help you safely remain in your home for years to come.

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What is Aging in Place?

Frequently, when adults get older, they move to an assisted living facility or nursing home, but this isn’t right for everyone. If you want to stay in your home, you’re choosing to age in place. In order to do this safely, you may need to incorporate changes around the house that cater to your limitations.

Aging in place is also referred to as ADA-compliant design because it follows the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. A home remodel aimed at aging in place makes your living space:

  • More functional for everyone, regardless of their age or mobility level
  • Adaptable for future use as you continue to age
  • Comfortable and convenient, thus improving your quality of life

Design for Aging in Place

It’s important to understand that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to aging in place. The design should be unique to your current situation while considering your potential future needs as well. You know it’s time to make modifications to your home if:

  • A chronic health condition is getting worse
  • Your mobility is becoming more limited as you age
  • A traumatic injury has created an immediate life change
  • A parent, in-law, or other older adult is planning to move in with you
  • There’s an underlying desire to modernize the home for aesthetic reasons

Aging in Place Remodeling Services

We begin your remodel with a design consultation. The goal is to assess your needs and recommend a list of modifications to meet them. An in-home assessment is the best way for us to understand your current situation, any unmet needs, and how we can plan for the future. Some of the features often incorporated into aging-in-place designs include:

  • Open floor plans
  • No-step entries
  • Ramps, elevators, and stairlifts
  • Wider doorways with lever doorknobs
  • Handrails and grab bars
  • Slip-resistant tubs and bathroom flooring
  • Walk-in bathtubs, curbless showers, and built-in shower seats
  • Lower countertops
  • Shallow kitchen sink
  • Ground-floor master suite

Why Choose Meridian Construction?

Not all home remodeling companies in Montgomery and Bucks counties understand the concept of aging in place. You need a contractor that has experience building and renovating with accessibility and safety in mind.

That’s where Meridian Construction comes in. Not only do we keep universal design in mind for all our clients, but we also offer renovations specifically geared toward ADA compliance. Our expertise lies not just in doing the work, but also in knowing what modifications are needed to make our clients the most comfortable while they age in place. Whether you use a wheelchair, struggle with arthritis pain, or simply want to plan for the future, our ADA-compliant designs are sure to suit your needs.

Schedule an Aging-in-Place Consultation in Montgomery or Bucks County

At Meridian Construction, our goal is to customize your home to meet your aesthetic preferences and mobility requirements. From simple modifications to more comprehensive remodeling, we’ll design your project with your long-term needs in mind. Let us help you safely age in place, so you never have to leave your beloved home behind!

Give us a call today at (215) 720-1863 or contact us online to begin discussing your needs for aging in place.