When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen?

Thanksgiving is around the corner—is your kitchen ready for it?

Whether your countertops are consistently a mess, or you’re scrambling to find elbow room for the extended family, the holidays are one of the most common times to realize your kitchen no longer serves you.

What Are the Obvious Signs My Kitchen Needs Updating?

Think about it. It’s one of the most popular spaces in your home, yet it can also be the most frustrating. Do you play Tetris every time you try to stow away your pots and pans? Has the kitchen island become the family’s makeshift post office for homework, bills, mail, and renegade knickknacks?

It’s time to clear away the clutter and learn to love your kitchen again. Here are the most obvious signs you’re overdue for a kitchen remodel:

Your Sink Is Too Small

And not just because it’s toppled over with dirty dishes! The large roasting pans you’ll use to support your turkey dinner or grandma’s casserole can easily take up your sink space and make it impossible to clean dishes without splashing. Replacing your sink doesn’t have to take long to do and can give you a huge advantage come turkey time.

Your Favorite Place Is Simply Too Dark

Did you buy your home in the spring or summer when there was plenty of natural lighting? In cooler months like these, there isn’t as much natural light to spare. Don’t be caught in the dark trying to sift through your spice cabinet. A few additional sconces above each window or recessed lighting will help illuminate the room while you try out your favorite recipe.

You’re Sick of Washing Dishes & Taking Out the Trash

Just when you’re done doing the dishes, you’re doing them again! If your dishwasher or trash receptacle is too small, you’ll wind up spending far more time doing the chores you dreaded as a teenager—and not getting to spend that time on yourself. Upgrading your kitchen to accommodate a larger trash receptacle or dishwasher can be well worth the time added back into your life.

Some Things Stay Dirty

No matter how much you scrub, a peeling countertop or stained kitchen floor will never give you that truly clean feeling. When it comes to food preparation, damaged countertops or appliances can foster all kinds of opportunities for contamination. Some things stay dirty. If your countertops or appliances have seen better days, it is definitely time to update them.

Your Family Is Bigger. Your Kitchen Is Smaller.

Time flies, doesn’t it? Your kids might have grown, but your kitchen hasn’t. Whether you’ve ogled too many open floor plan kitchens on HGTV or spent too many evenings moving furniture around to make space, a kitchen remodel may be in your future.

So, When Is the Best Time to Remodel?

While there is no golden rule to when a homeowner can begin a remodeling project, you can save yourself a lot of time and money if you consider planning your renovation in the fall! Fall is the busiest time of year for renovation and remodeling services! For homeowners who want to welcome the new year with a newly renovated space, fall is the perfect time to plan ahead. Even if some materials take longer to order, you can avoid delays and feel confident about starting your project.

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