Sue S., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

I Went to Meridian Construction because they sold Wellborn Cabinets and we were familiar with this product. We were getting ready to remodel our kitchen and wanted to purchase these cabinets.. I quickly learned from Larry, the owner, that Meridian Construction could also design my kitchen plans and offer me the added benefit of detailing my plans on a computer program in addition to paper blueprints. Larry sat with me for over an hour on my first visit and explained in detail what his plan would include. He was told that my brother was our contractor. This did not deter his enthusiasm to work with us. I made a second visit with my husband and we quickly agreed we wanted Larry and Meridian to design our dream kitchen. I met with him several more time just to discuss what I wanted in my kitchen and what were the most important items to be included in the plans. He met us at our house and was very honest with us in discussing what we could and couldn’t do within our budget or framework of the current kitchen. He developed a blueprint that we were thrilled with and then shared it with our contractor and worked closely with them and respected their opinions. He planned to change our huge window into a sliding door and increased our cabinet space by removing our soffits, changing the window over the sink and just slightly moving the entry way to dining room to allow more wall space. My number one request was an island. This was a huge project because of the layout of the room. He was able to do it and make the kitchen appear larger at the same time. Larry used a simulator computer program to show my husband and I what each change or addition would look like.
Once the design was set Larry was instrumental in helping us choose each piece of cabinetry and discussed the pros and cons of each piece. He used his design program to show what each piece would look like and would add and delete things so we always knew what it would look like in our kitchen. We never had to guess or imagine what our kitchen would look like, we could see it!
Throughout the entire process Larry always kept us informed of pricing and never just wanted to sell us the more expensive items. He went out of his way to discuss costs of parts of project he wasn’t providing such granite, flooring and appliances. He referred us to businesses for these items and we were very happy with all of them. Larry kept in close contact with us once the construction began and made himself accessible to our contractors. My husband and I were extremely pleased with Meridian Construction, Larry and his staff. We both agreed we would can on him again for other projects and refer him to friends. I had a good friend along with me for many of our meetings and she agreed she would call on him when it is time to do her kitchen!

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