Liz R., Norristown, PA—Second Floor Addition, Bathroom Remodel & Exterior Renovations

Designed and built a 300 sq ft second floor master bath and master closet addition. Remodeled the former bathrooms and closet into a large hall bath. Other small home improvements including replacing basement windows and installing an exterior door. The team at Meridian was fantastic to work with and did beautiful and quality work. We will definitely work with them again the the future, and would refer them to anyone looking for a quality contractor.
From our first meeting with Larry it was clear that they love what they do, and are very good at doing it. The lead carpenter on our job, Matt, was meticulous in everything he did, and it is clear that he takes pride in his work. All of the subcontractors (electrician, plumber, roofer, dry wall crew, stucco) followed their lead. The communication among the many people that it took to get this addition completed was excellent. Larry had weekly meetings with us to go over everything in detail from design and timelines to selections down to cabinet hardware. The result is an absolutely lovely master bath, efficient master closet, and a hall bath with plenty of room for our two daughters to enjoy as they grow up. And to look at our house you would never know we had an addition put on, even though you see it plainly from the front and back.
At first I was uneasy about having the contractor do the design for the project. I was concerned about not being able to get multiple quotes on construction and getting caught in “too late to switch” and being stuck so to speak. Larry made us feel confident that we would have options at the end of the design phase which put me more at ease. After design we did not bid out the construction, which is a decision I feel comfortable with.
Larry worked with us through many options, and I do believe no one could have been more thorough. They created a 3D model of our entire house, and were able to really accurately model our choices and selections, right down to the model of the pedestal tub we selected. Pretty much just like what you see on the HGTV shows. This really helped to see what the rooms would look like. Decisions that I imagine I would have agonized over were made quite simple. One example is how we would join up the pebble tile under the tub to the ceramic tile on the rest of the bathroom floor. You draw a couple of options in the program and pretty quickly you see what works and what doesn’t. And he made changes with us sitting there – no waiting for changes and drawings going back and forth.
The design phase continued throughout the project which was a good thing. Once we got enough of the design complete, we signed the construction contract knowing that we could still make changes at certain points as we went along. And we did make changes! Some were suggested by Meridian, several we initiated. All were considered and incorporated with ease. One example was that they were able to give us another 12″ in the addition after spending hours confirming where the weight bearing wall actually was, i.e. it wasn’t where you would reasonably think it was (house built in 1965 and had a previous addition under the new addition). They then spent significant effort to convince the signing architect and permit office this was correct (which of course it was, confirmed finally when they took the roof off the first floor). 12″ doesn’t sound like much, but in a bathroom it means a lot.
They left the worksite every night very clean – no mess, no tracked dirt through the house. We never had to clean up after them or their subcontractors. This was important to us since we have a 2-year-old running around the house!
The work started Thanksgiving weekend 2013 and was mostly completed by March 2014. This was a significant project, completed during a brutal winter. Of course we had delays – they adjusted their work weekly to accommodate as best they could.
All costs and pricing were clear, and didn’t change. Now – they aren’t cheap, but I believe you get what you pay for, and we weren’t looking for cheap. I do believe they are a good value. This was a high risk project (building out over an existing first floor) and they took every precaution to ensure that they first didn’t do any damage, and secondly built something solid and lasting. No corners cut – if it wasn’t done right the first time (which will always happen), it was corrected and made right, most of the time either without us knowing until after the fact, or without us having to say anything.
So if you are still reading this review, let me share with you two more things about these guys:
1) We lost power for 3 days in February in the middle of a snow/ice storm and towards the end of construction. By 11 am that morning, Mick (who oversaw construction, Larry’s brother) shows up on our doorstep with a generator for us to use – not for construction, but for our own use to power our sump pump, pellet stove, refrigerator, etc. No charge. Just return it when the power comes back on. This on the morning that there were no generators to be found anywhere.
2) I was newly pregnant at our first meeting, and our daughter was born when the construction was nearly complete. So if they can make a pregnant woman happy for nine months, they are doing something right!

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