Lisa D., Harleysville, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

We met one of the owners Larry and the minute he walked in the door we knew we had found our Contractor. He showed up on time and treated our home with respect, we felt like he was very in sync with what we wanted. I had a laundry list of things I wanted and he had solutions for all of my concerns. He came up with ideas and we loved every one of them. Nothing is worse than spending major dollars on a project and finding out AFTER the fact that for a few more dollars a project can go to the next level of WOW. This place has “wowed” us from the start. The Designer we were matched with was Austin, he could look at what we had and tell us how to improve it. His eye for detail is unbelievable, things we wouldn’t have thought of he brought to our attention. He went out of his way to go over every detail of every cabinet before the order was placed. Some might think this is tedious, to this company it is standard. They go out of their way to avoid surprises. The design process was well thought out and they did not rush us into starting work until everyone was completely satisfied that we were happy. The whole job staff is copied on everything and communication is the key to making everything work so perfect. Every piece of hardware is hand selected for every cabinet, every drawer and each appliance. They did not have us pick out one drawer pull and use it for every cabinet. Our Designer went over every cabinet and where it was placed and the function, Some are bars, some are swinging, and some are knobs, This type of detail is what takes a kitchen from function to awesome. We wanted a few non-standard cabinets, such as a place for our turtle tank. Austin came up with the idea to hinge the one side of the cabinet to make removing the tank for cleaning easier, it was a detail that might have been missed with another company. Meridian pays attention to how a piece functions and how it will function through out the lifetime of the cabinet, they think of everything, They noticed I have large binders in the one cabinet and knew that was a major part of our household. They found a deeper cabinet that will make it easier to remove this large item that I use daily. From the minute Larry walked in he noticed we liked a clutter free look. We had only a few items on the counters and he came up with solutions to integrate them into drawers. Austin found a knife drawer and a drawer that holds canisters for my wooden spoons and such. It would have been easy for them to just update the kitchen we had, they went out of their way to make sure we get the kitchen we truly wanted, not just and update or refresh. This is not a company that rushes you into decisions, they are really there for the customer and offer their years of experience and knowledge. A lot of the employees are Family and they value the Family name and reputation. Most employees have been there for years, several have told us they would never leave the company. In today’s workplace environment that is something to be proud of. They use American made cabinets and make sure they are suited for your needs and budget. They have many full size cabinet doors to select from. They make you walk around the showroom multiple times, just to make sure you really LOVE the cabinet, not just settle for one because that’s what they have to show you. We wanted a special door that they actually ordered in. It was one of the few they didn’t have a full size sample of. Another company might not have bothered to tell us it was even available. It would have been very simple to just sell us something else, they knew what I envisioned and went out of their way to find it. All in all we couldn’t be happier and we feel the decision to work with Meridian was one of the best we have ever made.

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