Jenn N., Wayne, PA—Whole House Remodel & Second Floor Addition (Design Process)

Larry Giannone at Meridian Construction provided design services for several large renovation projects we wanted to do around the house. This included using a design program to help us come up with the best room orientation and providing us with final architect drafted blueprints which could be used with the township to get approval to start the project. I could not be more complimentary of our experiences working with Larry Giannone at Meridian Construction on the design phase of renovations for our home. The service we received in this design phase was excellent and came at a very reasonable price. Larry was incredibly patient during the design meetings we had with him and was always committed to ensuring that my husband and I were both happy with the results. He would always come to our meetings with multiple design layouts and had no problem making slight or major tweaks to ensure that everything was exactly as we wanted it. Larry also seems to have a way of mediating differences of opinion between myself and my husband in a way that ultimately meant both sides were happy with the outcome. We have challenging schedules but Larry was willing to accommodate meetings whenever it was convenient for us, often meeting later in the evenings and sometimes on the weekends.
We had flirted with the idea of renovating our house previously and even went to the effort and expense of hiring an architect directly but scuttled the project because I could never visualize the 2 dimensional results. Larry was able to show us his designs both 2 and 3 dimensionally which was crucial to get me to commit to the project. The architect’s plans that he delivered were very well done and accepted with no problems by the township. We are ultimately very glad we waited to find Larry to help us because we are now getting the home we always wanted.

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