Janice B., Blue Bell, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Meridian Construction provided complete design, cabinetry and construction for our kitchen renovation. Larry was extremely easy to work with during the design process. He was organized in covering all details, expediting samples, providing quality providers for materials they did not provide and offered excellent advice and creative solutions to my design dilemmas.
I had a very tight timeframe for completing our kitchen project. Other contractors hemmed and hawed as to if they could make my deadline. Larry was confident about meeting our deadline and did everything with his time and crew to make sure it happened. It was a very smooth and painless process. Larry was a complete professional in his timeliness, ideas, recommendations and design ideas. We met at his office to utilize the large computer screen so as to more easily see the layout and plans for how the kitchen would evolve.
I chose to work with Meridian because they could provide the services for my entire project: a high-quality design process, the cabinets, the construction and any follow up. I was concerned with the concept of a contractor sending me to a cabinet provider for the design process. There were miscommunications between the contractor and the contact at the cabinet design place….what would go wrong during the actual project?? I was not disappointed as Larry (who designed the project with me) arrived with the work crew on the first few days to review the entire project, address any questions and communicate all details with the crew.
Another reason I chose Meridian is because of the fabulous line of cabinetry, Wellborn, (which is made in the USA) they offer. They are solid wood cabinets with all of the functions, finishes and options you would need to design an wonderful kitchen. The quality of their middle-line cabinets are equivalent to the high-end products you would find at a home center or many other kitchen design places. They provide a cabinet front in the color and material of your choice, and will provide two if you are trying to decide between two different finishes. This enabled me to select a beautiful painted oak cabinet, with a perfect glaze. And the cabinets happened to arrive on a day when I was at the office for a final meeting!
During the entire project, Tom, the lead carpenter and helper would arrive EXACTLY at 7:30 a.m. each day. I teased them that I could set my watch to their arrival time! Tom was great during the demo and rough-in phase, offering advice and discussing the various options with me to be sure they did what I wanted.
The crew put up heavy-duty plastic at the doorways into our kitchen, which helped to keep dust and debris to a minimum. They were very conscientious in keeping an eye on our dog to make sure she didn’t get in the way or hurt. Each day they cleaned up their workspace, swept up and kept our house as clean as possible during a major renovation.
I heard from Larry at various times throughout the construction in regards to the various tradesmen who would be arriving to install plumbing or lighting. He would stop by the project periodically to check on the progress and ensure I was happy with how things were progressing. His communication throughout the project was excellent.
I would highly recommend this organization for any home remodeling project. They are very professional and deliver an excellent finished product for the money. There are so many stories about renovations-gone-wrong, so you expect that something bad is going to happen. This was NOT the case with Meridian! I’m sure you will be as pleased with them as I am. I would use them for any future projects we undertake.

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