Danielle D., North Wales, PA—Finished Basement, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels (Design Process)

We hired Meridian Construction for the Design Phase of our Home Improvement Project, inclusive of Complete Basement Remodel, Master Bathroom Complete Refresh (Shower, Tub, Floor, Vanity / Cabinets) and Kitchen Update (Countertop Update, Floor, Backsplash). Best Choice we could have made. Where do we start…Lets Start with Meridian is a Fantastic Company and we recommend them 110%. The Design Phase was a very smooth process and we are so happy with the Design Output that Meridian created for our Project. Larry from Meridian is a super trustworthy guy and extremely genuine – he loves what he does and is passionate about construction and that comes through in everything he did for us throughout Design. Keep reading if you want to hear more.
We have been in our house 14 years and had not done anything except landscaping, so our house was due for changes (concrete basement, kitchen vinyl floor and no backsplash, don’t get me started on the master bath). We have very high standards and contrary to what we read, we did not get any other quotes besides Meridian. We had a listing of about 5 that we were going to call, but called Meridian first – that was the best decision we could have made and did not look back. Larry from Meridian is an amazing guy and made us feel super comfortable upfront as we talked about the construction process. We started with an initial phone conversation about what we wanted to do and then spent time on a Saturday to discuss in detail our goals and what we wanted to get out of our project. We completed a 2 phase design process and all along the way, Larry and his team were great with offering suggestions and ideas as to how to make our design the very best. They created multiple computer designs with print outs for each part of our project and we went back and forth during design changing layouts, including spending an hour on a Sunday on the phone finalizing the Master Bathroom. Larry was very patient with us and at no time did we ever feel any pressure and was more the opposite he made us feel very comfortable as we finalized the plans for our project. We loved the design for each part and chose Meridian to do the build as well. We did our homework on what makes a GOOD contractor from the NARI website and Meridian hit EVERYTHING a good contractor should (clearly defined dates, no pressure on timing, etc). Coming Soon…A review of how Meridian did with the Build of
our Project…We cannot wait, but if the Design says anything about their work, it will be AWESOME as well…We are excited…Stay Tuned.

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