Chris R., Collegeville, PA—Two-Story Garage & Exterior Renovations

Everything went extremely well from day one to completion. This being the second project we had done by Meridian Construction (The first one was a complete and favorable renewal/upgrade of our kitchen in 2009) we had the confidence that Meridian would once again perform exceptionally and do a great job for us. The time and effort that Meridian put forth from the onset was tremendous. The roofing, concrete sidewalk work and the front window replacements were pretty much straight forward with though Meridian arranging for the window representative to meet with us to ensure we were ok with the replacement windows being proposed. We really wanted the new detached garage and the front bedroom dormer to both be built in such a manner to blend in with our home to give a very pleasing view from the street. With that goal in mind they meant with us on several occasions during the planning phase whereby through a lot of detail discussions and their use of a computer they were able to develop drawings of the final look of the detached garage and dormer addition which denoted both the size and location of each and which were found acceptable to us. These discussions also involved Meridian researching and obtaining all of the applicable permitting requirements and detailing the electrical layout. This up front planning and discussions really served to re-enforce the true expertise and professionalism of Meridian. Once Meridian set the project schedule they held to it and completed the job not only on schedule but to our full satisfaction. The work progressed without any real problems. Meridian handled all of the work effort/coordination which not only included work by their own employees but also those of the roofer, electrician, heater/ductwork contractor, concrete finishers and suppliers. Meridian’s Project Manager meant with us as a minimum weekly to review the progress and to present us with the next week’s schedule. (Also we were able to discuss with the workers if need be daily of any concerns we may of had. And also the Project Manager stopped by the work site daily to ensure for himself that things were going as planned and he was always available for us if needed.) Once the project got underway the workers arrived daily like clock work; performed their duties in a very professional and knowledgeable manner (even taking time out to explain to our two children when asked the various task they were undertaking) and left the work area at the end of the day in a very clean and organized manner. As mentioned everything went extremely well and we were and still are very pleased with the results. The time and effort and communication that Meridian’s Project Manager put forth up front was what we believe the key to the success of the project. We did encounter one small change which was an increase to the width of the new front sidewalk but was by no means any fault of Meridian as we wanted it increased and really had no impact on the project schedule nor the budget.

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