Meridian Construction’s Reviews

These are all of Meridian Construction’s reviews. And when we say all, we mean ALL! These reviews aren’t hand-picked to show you only our best customers.

At Meridian Construction, we encourage every one of our customers to write a review for us, and we publish every single one on this page. These are left on our social media profiles, including Houzz, Angie’s List, Google, and Facebook, but we wanted to compile them all in one place.

So here they are. Every single one of Meridian Construction’s Reviews. We hope this will help you gain a better understanding of our company, and how much we value our customer relationships.

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About Our Reviews

Before you hire a home remodeling company or choose a service, it is smart to read feedback from real people in your area! Even if you don’t end up choosing us for your home remodel, we recommend that you read as many reviews about the company you choose as possible. We are really proud of our straight-A record on Angie’s List, Houzz, and Google,  and we hope that our reviews speak for themselves.


We have been very satisfied with the process that Meridian has in place. We are nearing the end of the design phase and at every meeting, we have been pleasantly surprised by the material and their understanding of what we were trying to accomplish. It made the whole process enjoyable. We are anxious to enter into construction!

-Lynn D., Oaks, PA—Master Bath Design

We recently had Meridian Construction complete a complete master bathroom renovation. I can’t tell you how happy we are. This is a family-owned business that takes great pride in what they offer. From concept into design, our finished space was so easy with their process. We met several times to plan what we wanted. The team of employees was great to work with given we needed a lot of help with design. We were then sent to various vendors who they work with. Working off our agreed-upon budget, each had a price range for us. You can stay within that or go above; it’s your budget. Then we had a kickoff meeting where we were introduced to our head carpenter Phil. Work began and the amount of care for our home, lifestyle, and craftsmanship was evident from day one. We are now using our completed bathroom and every day we are so excited. The attention to detail and building exactly what we wanted was unmatched. I hope I don’t miss anyone but a huge shoutout to Larry and Mitch the owners, Martha, Austin and the rest of the office staff, and Phil and all the employees who created our dream bathroom. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who has a home project to be done. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough to this company. Well done.

-Leslie C., Perkasie, PA—Master Bathroom Remodel


Meridian has just completed reconstruction of our Master Bathroom. The process from the first day we walked into Meridian until today has been incredibly satisfying. The computer-based design process made it so easy to envision what our new bathroom would look like. We love our new bathroom! The step by step process they use is exactly how we like doing business. They are thorough, detailed, and customer-oriented. We enjoyed working with the entire staff. They totally complement each other and work as a team. The entire project was so clean, every day they took great care of our home as they worked. We sincerely recommend Meridian and hope to have them back for other projects! Thanks to the Meridian staff!

-Debbie Z., Lansdale, PA—Master Bathroom Remodel

My husband and I decided to completely redo our master bath. Problem was we had no idea who to use. After some research we reached out to Meridian Construction. Was this ever a good choice 😊 We met with Larry (co owner) and Austin and decided this was a good fit. They have over time developed a set of phases to give you your dream plan. After several meetings and visits to vendors who they have people to help you we are just starting demo. The process seemed a little intimidating at first for 2 people who have no idea what we want. Through their process, Meridian along with the vendors, we have exactly what is going to be our dream master bath. I can’t say enough about this company and all their employees. They have been a pleasure to work with.
So here we are starting construction and in about 6 weeks I will get back to you with the final update. There aren’t enough stars for this group. We highly recommend them for your next project.

-Leslie C., Perkasie, PA—Master Bath Design

We recently engaged Meridian Construction to finish our basement. We are extremely satisfied with our choice of contractors. We spent several months in the design phase where they presented multiple options for us to choose from. They are professional and very patient, as together, we continued to change and tweak the plans until we were completely satisfied with the layout and design of our new basement. The design meetings were always productive and never rushed. We appreciated the frequency and availability of the meetings as well. We are beyond excited to start the construction phase of our project. I highly recommend Meridian Construction – they are outstanding.

-Larry D., Lansdale PA–Basement Remodel

We recently completed a full remodel of our kitchen and a refresh of our basement with Meridian Construction. Not only did they meet the expectations set by neighbors who had worked with them in the past, they also went above and beyond to exceed them. From the start of our design process through construction and follow-up, Meridian demonstrated their professionalism, expertise, customer service, and true passion for their business. It is clear that their true purpose is to ensure their client’s complete satisfaction, and each and every individual – from owners to designers to contractors to office manager – put in the time, effort, and energy to ensure that they accomplish this goal.

Meridian has excellent project management, ensuring a successful project. They very clearly outlined expectations for budget and timeline, and worked with us to adjust and fine-tune both as needed. Ultimately, our project was completed on budget and on time (give or take a few additional days for final touch ups). The weekly meetings during construction are very organized and efficient, including agendas sent in advance to ensure alignment on open topics/issues. Meridian also partners very well with any sub-contractors needed to ensure that the same level of professionalism and work ethic is provided, regardless who is completing the work.  If any questions or issues arise, Meridian goes above and beyond to ensure they are addressed immediately, even coming by our house after hours to ensure that our sleeping child would not be accidentally awoken by an unexpected beeping. Such a minor issue was treated with a very impressive sense of urgency.

Not only are we extremely pleased with the final result of our kitchen and basement, but we are also excited to have found a reputable, respectable, trustworthy company to partner with again in the future. The team at Meridian quickly becomes more than a construction partner; they become trusted friends who you know have your best interests at heart. We are grateful for the recommendation we originally received and wholeheartedly pay it forward.

-Andrea W., Warrington, PA—Kitchen & Basement


Sounds corny but it is true – When you deal with Meridian, you are treated like family, probably better in many cases. Larry and Austin helped me design my kitchen, the current one being original to my 70 year old house. It has a new floor and I painted everything a while back but the rest needs to be gutted and brought up to code. It’s my last major project and I have been putting it off since basically I only use the microwave. I’ve had the new stove for a year and use it to store crackers and chips. So, not a rush job by any means. They are very patient people and never made me feel indecisive despite the fact that I am. I doubt there are many firms in the entire country that are genial and comfortable and just plain nice. Also, they explain everything in as much or as little detail as you want and all those details are laid out in an organized and thorough fashion. Everyone there is super professional. They are a treasure.

-Patty M., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel Design

I found Meridian Construction through Houzz and requested an estimate online. We wanted to replace our front door and were considering adding a portico to solve a longstanding problem of water seeping in through the joists in the basement. We had tried other remedies and thought a portico was our last resort; several of our neighbors have added porticos for the same reason. However, I was afraid a portico wouldn’t look good with our entryway (double door with sidelights), and that it would cut down on natural light in the front of the house. Larry Giannone contacted me promptly. He was honest enough to tell me immediately that we didn’t need a portico and that a properly installed door and new gutters would solve the problem for a lot less money. He said that the job was too small for Meridian, but instead of hanging up, he continued to spend time asking me questions, requesting photos of the entrance, and analyzing the problem. Larry mentioned a possible solution (caulking the window over the door) that no one else had thought of. He followed up a few days later with recommendations of two other contractors that he thought could do the work. I was so impressed with Larry’s knowledge, interest, and time spent to help solve our problem, even though he had nothing to gain. I will definitely call Larry and Meridian Construction for any remodeling projects in the future. He told me that most of his business comes from personal referrals, and I can see why.

-Ellen F., Ambler, PA—Design Advice

We have had an excellent experience with Meridian Construction so far. We have completed the design phase and we are excited to be moving forward with construction. They are thorough and responsive. They have insightful advice and they did a great job of really listening to what we wanted. They guide you through every step and make an overwhelming process stress-free. We highly recommend!

-Kaitlin C., Blue Bell, PA—Master Suite Remodel & Dormer Addition Design

We’re only through the design and halfway through construction of a complex attached garage at this phase, but I must compliment Meridian’s attention to detail during the design phase. From color-matched renderings to noting specific requirements on the scope of work, all of our requests were accommodated.

Early in construction, the team is maintaining a clean site and the workers and subs are held to a high standard. The effort put in on the design-side (elevations, window sizes, colors, permit requirements, etc.) has paid off when it came to implementing everything in the imperfect conditions of the real world.

-David P., Blue Bell, PA—Garage Addition

We recently completed a major design and build project in our 1500 square feet basement using Meridian Construction, and we must say we are extremely satisfied with the results.  We had a pretty good idea what we wanted to achieve when we started the project, but had no idea how much better it would turn out, due to the efforts of the team at Meridian.

When we started our search for a contractor, we knew we were looking for a one-stop, design and build solution.  We had heard many stories about people who decided to use one company for the design work, and then use another company for the construction phase.  Or worse yet, those who chose to hire multiple sub-contractors to perform the framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other portions of the project.  We decided not to go down that road.  We spent several few weeks on the internet researching different D&B contractors in the local area; both via websites like Angie’s List and Houzz, and found a few likely candidates.  After review of the Meridian Construction website, which depicts photo-shoots of many of their completed projects and actual customer reviews, we took the plunge and called Meridian.  After our first one hour meeting at their office with Larry Giannone, one of the owners, and the rest of his staff, we knew we had found the right company for our project.

After we signed the design contract, the real work began. Through a series of weekly meetings, usually held at Meridian’s office through the design phase, we walked thru each step of the Meridian process. First, Larry and his design assistant, Austin, came out to our house and took complete measurements of our basement.  Then, after review of some sketches of a proposed layout we had previously made, and a thorough discussion of what our goals and objectives were, Austin put everything in a computer program that gave us 2D and 3D dimensional views of our plans. It became very evident that we needed to make some changes, and with Larry and Austin’s guidance, we made significant improvements to our layout. This process got finer and finer in detail as we went along, everything – including electrical, plumbing, ceiling, flooring, doors, fireplace, bathroom and bar fixtures, cabinetry – was included in those plans. And each time, Austin would update the computer program, so we could see the changes clearly in great detail. And with each change, Martha, Meridian’s project coordinator, would update a cost spreadsheet and provide us with accurate cost update at all times. Through this process, we got to our final layout.  Meridian then took all that information and developed a comprehensive construction quotation, which included all anticipated costs.

We were pleased with the quotation, and by this time, we had developed a great working relationship with Larry and his team. By our original agreement, we could have taken those plans and gone to another contractor for the construction phase. However, there was no question we would continue on with Meridian.

After we signed the construction contract, we picked out the material options for our renovation:  plumbing fixtures and tile options for the bathroom, floor and ceiling for all four rooms, stone for the fireplace and the specific gas fireplace to be installed, granite for the bar areas, electrical fixture and outlet options, cabinets for the bar and entertainment area, and paint colors and trim options for all areas. This process was made easy by Meridian: by providing an allowance quote for every item with each supplier in their original quotation, we could decide if and where we wanted to stretch the budget. The allowances were generally spot-on, and we chose where we wanted to upgrade. Meridian provided a list of preferred vendors for these items, and as we visited each supplier, who all were very helpful during this process, and all had a great working relationship with Meridian. Once the selections were all made, Martha updated her cost spreadsheets and we made a few changes to meet our budget requirements.

We were now ready to move on to the actual construction phase. We were to the key members of the Meridian construction team – Mick Giannone, Larry’s brother and business partner, who runs the construction team, and Matt, the on-site construction leader, who worked on our renovation from start to finish.  As this phase began, we met with Larry at our house every week, to review progress and discuss the next week’s activity. Even more importantly, we resolved unforeseen issues – in most cases, things that my wife and I thought of that could improve our project. This would require Larry and Austin’s input for feasibility and cost. And each week, we would confer with Larry and Matt in the basement to review final decisions on stone fireplace construction, granite sizes for bar areas, the height of the tray ceiling for the entertainment area, and others.

We were also impressed with Meridian efforts during this project. First, we have a physically challenged grandson (muscular dystrophy) who we want to be able to accommodate in the basement area. Larry and Austin took care of details, such as the design of a handicapped-accessible bathroom and shower area, and the reinforcement of one set of steps to accommodate a chair lift for installation at a later date. Second, we have several antique model trains that we wanted to display. Larry and Austin suggested in-wall shelving with backlighting in the hallway, which turned out wonderfully. Third, we wanted a state-of-the-art, in-wall home theater system in the entertainment area. We had a local audio shop in mind for the installation and were pleased to hear that Meridian already had a great working relationship with them. The two companies collaborated to make the entertainment area a total success.

With the project completed, we would say that not only are we over-the-top satisfied with our basement renovation, we feel we have become friends with the folks at Meridian. Their attention to detail is unbelievable, and it shows in the final product. We have already talked with Larry about a few other projects in our home, and would highly recommend anyone to consider Meridian Construction for their renovation work.

-Stew M., Hatfield, PA—Basement Remodel

Meridian Construction was recommended to us not only for their quality of service, but also for their quality of character. We recently completed the design phase of our project with Larry and Austin, and have been extremely pleased with their collaborative approach, transparency, proactivity, and expertise. We have been set up for success as we kick off the construction phase and can’t wait to see the final output!

-Andrea W., Warrington, PA—Kitchen & Basement Design

Meridian completed our full kitchen remodel in the spring of 2017. We would not hesitate to recommend Meridian and their team for any type of home remodeling. We researched several remodeling companies and chose Meridian because of their very detailed planning process and because they become your project manager. There was no organizing and coordinating of contractors, vendors, etc. on my end because Meridian takes care of all of that for you, which is invaluable.

We dealt primarily with Larry, Austin, and Matt who were all respectful, prompt, neat, and skilled. I could go on and on, but bottom line, our project was delivered on time, on budget, and looks beautiful. We will be hiring Meridian again to complete our master bathroom remodel.

-Amanda K., Collegeville PA—Kitchen Remodel

We were referred to Meridian from the flooring company we have been using for over 30 years. We knew that they had to be a quality operation from that referral alone. We however had no idea the quality and care we would receive from the conception to fruition. When you first meet anyone from this company, one notices they all have some type of garment displaying the Meridian company logo. This makes it easy for a homeowner to get an idea of how this group all fits together. It’s a detail many other companies don’t subscribe to. This place thinks of everything.

Before any demolition work started our kitchen area was enveloped in “zip walls”. The goal was to contain any dust and debris and keep it from entering our main living area. When the walls went up we thought it was a bit excessive. After a few hours of tearing down we saw how important this inconvenience really was. I have been in several friends’ homes during renovations; Meridian is the only place I have ever witness use these amazing inventions. It is an extra touch that makes this company stand out against its competitors.

It is this company’s policy to have a progress meeting each week with the homeowners. In today’s busy world we thought this was a bit extreme. It didn’t take long to see these meetings as a lifeline to Larry, one of the Owners and Austin our Designer. They were tremendously necessary and we were pleased they were required. We were not handed off to some employee once the contracts were signed. Larry, or Austin stayed with us every step of the way. The facilitator of each meeting was based on our current needs and never based on who was available. Once again, our needs were put ahead of their convenience.

Larry was happy to provide us with his personal cell phone number that he assured us would be answered any time of any day. We only had to call him one time after hours and he returned to our residence within the hour. The issue was our fault alone and he treated us with the utmost respect.

Our Designer was a gentleman named Austin. He was an integral part in making this kitchen come to life. Once construction started we thought he would drop out of our team and continuing designing for other Clients. That is not how Meridian works; he was there to help with anything we needed, such as putting paint selections on the large screen in different pallets. This company puts your actual elements (such as flooring, backsplash, countertop and appliances) onto the screen so you can see how the colors will coexist with each other. This service is truly priceless and his patience was never ending.

Our Lead Carpenter, Matt, has been with the Meridian for twenty years. He is a no nonsense man of few words. His carpentry skills were tested with several unique situations including “less than perfect” flooring conditions. No one knows the effort put forth to achieve the end results. No task was too big or too small. He was present at every weekly meeting with Larry and together they provided us with the details of how our kitchen was progressing and what to expect prior to the next meeting. Certain areas were not visible to us, such as wiring and plumbing so we had to take their word on the actual progress. We feel they never deceived us in what was going on with the job’s internal workings. They answered every question and gave us extreme confidence in the overall renovation. Every person that came in the house knew the rules of the residence and they were always followed. Matt handled everything professionally and made juggling the entire project look effortless. He was the last to leave each day and never cut corners in cleaning up, he stayed till the day’s tasks were completed to his high standard. One area we were adamant about was crown molding above the cabinets. We wanted to streamline the cabinets to the ceiling and give it a smooth transition. During the selection process we chose a white cabinet, which made for a very “non-forgiving” material for the crown molding. Each angle had to be measured and fit with precision; Matt took this element from workmanship to craftsmanship. The cabinets flow into the crown molding and meld as one unit. We couldn’t be happier with this detail.

The second in command was Phil, he is the right hand of the Lead Carpenter and they worked together flawlessly. They made a solid team. When we had any small issue, such as moving something he was the one to appease us in any way. He was always courteous and made us feel like our interruptions were not a bother on his busy workday. The Crew assigned to us showed up on time everyday prepared to work immediately. They never stood around drinking coffee and socializing. Their mission was to get us up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. They took this mission to heart and stayed on schedule. At the end of the workday they cleaned the area up with vengeance. We have two small dogs and they went to great lengths to see that no nails, insulation or other construction material was left behind for their tiny paws to walk across. Keeping our pets safe was as big of a priority for them as it was for our Family. Whenever someone had to go thru the yard gate Matt made sure the gate was closed after they were done. It might seem like a small detail but the effort did not go unnoticed, this type of extra effort made our Crew really stand out.

We added several elements to the project as we moved along. They always were professional and were able to accommodate us and not compromise their time frame to start the next job. They made us feel like we were Meridian’s only client, which of course we knew wasn’t the case, but we felt like we were their highest priority. We for the most part had odd small projects such as changing out doorknobs on a list of “things to get to one day”. It made sense to have Meridian complete these projects rather than just keep putting them off. It was nice to have so many things completed and done by a professional crew. The fees for these “non contracted” items were reasonable and we felt were well worth the cost. We really liked the fact that whenever anyone from Meridian received a cell phone call they took it outside away from our home. This gave us the feeling that our job details were being kept confidential from other job sites as much as other job details were being kept private from us. It might seem minor but it gave us an extra layer of confidentially that we really valued. It is just one more way this company goes beyond the call of duty.

The office staff is the facet that keeps Meridian Construction running smoothly behind the scenes. It appears that whoever answers the phone is happy to be at their job. One can tell by the tone in their voices that they are smiling. They stayed on top of the permits our township required and the entire staff (Office, Crew and Management) were copied on every email, so everyone is kept abreast of how the project is progressing. There were never any surprises of any type. When we called with a question, we did not have to go over with multiple people what we were referring to. They all knew what was going on and assisted us in anyway we needed. Good communication was the key to why our project was such an immense success. The common element that appears in every email, text or phone call is the offer for assistance. They end every conversation and correspondence with, “let us know if there is anything we can help you with”. This small phrase is not just something they add by habit, it’s something they truly mean and stand by.

Our payments were processed on a “percentage of completion” schedule. This gave us a feeling of paying for what we could actually see as finished product. We felt they were upfront with all costs and stayed within a predetermined budget.

The quality of Wellborn cabinets exceeded our expectations and we liked the fact the cabinets were made in Alabama by a Family owned company. They offer many options like slow closing doors and specialized dividers. If you can envision it, Wellborn probably makes it. If they don’t, Austin will design it and Matt will build it. I truly believe they enjoy a challenge and providing the client with any type of custom piece is what they do best. Our renovation required three such custom pieces and we were please beyond words with all three. We would have never found these items anywhere else and the details put forth took our kitchen to the next level of “custom”. Watching this major renovation go from a concept on a screen to our actual kitchen was priceless. Meridian uses many of the high-tech software products they use on home decorator TV shows. We felt like we were living in a reality television show. I should also add we were also given hard copies of anything we asked for. At the end we were given a binder containing all information pertinent to the project from day one to completion. It is nice to have everything in one place, concise and organized.

Meridian was in our home alone and unsupervised a great deal of the time. We never felt uncomfortable trusting them with our pets and property. Each employee treated out home as his or her own. The people they employ were trustworthy and respectful at all times. As our project progressed we came to look at this company’s staff as our “temporary family”. They were in our home and roamed freely eight hours a day over several months. When they finally packed up the last day it was somewhat bittersweet. However, we know they will be back. We will probably never use another contractor as long as we own our home. They really are that good.

-Lisa D., Harleysville, PA—Kitchen Remodel


We met one of the owners Larry and the minute he walked in the door we knew we had found our Contractor. He showed up on time and treated our home with respect, we felt like he was very in sync with what we wanted. I had a laundry list of things I wanted and he had solutions for all of my concerns. He came up with ideas and we loved every one of them. Nothing is worse than spending major dollars on a project and finding out AFTER the fact that for a few more dollars a project can go to the next level of WOW. This place has “wowed” us from the start. The Designer we were matched with was Austin, he could look at what we had and tell us how to improve it. His eye for detail is unbelievable, things we wouldn’t have thought of he brought to our attention. He went out of his way to go over every detail of every cabinet before the order was placed. Some might think this is tedious, to this company it is standard. They go out of their way to avoid surprises. The design process was well thought out and they did not rush us into starting work until everyone was completely satisfied that we were happy. The whole job staff is copied on everything and communication is the key to making everything work so perfect. Every piece of hardware is hand selected for every cabinet, every drawer and each appliance. They did not have us pick out one drawer pull and use it for every cabinet. Our Designer went over every cabinet and where it was placed and the function, Some are bars, some are swinging, and some are knobs, This type of detail is what takes a kitchen from function to awesome. We wanted a few non-standard cabinets, such as a place for our turtle tank. Austin came up with the idea to hinge the one side of the cabinet to make removing the tank for cleaning easier, it was a detail that might have been missed with another company. Meridian pays attention to how a piece functions and how it will function through out the lifetime of the cabinet, they think of everything, They noticed I have large binders in the one cabinet and knew that was a major part of our household. They found a deeper cabinet that will make it easier to remove this large item that I use daily. From the minute Larry walked in he noticed we liked a clutter free look. We had only a few items on the counters and he came up with solutions to integrate them into drawers. Austin found a knife drawer and a drawer that holds canisters for my wooden spoons and such. It would have been easy for them to just update the kitchen we had, they went out of their way to make sure we get the kitchen we truly wanted, not just and update or refresh. This is not a company that rushes you into decisions, they are really there for the customer and offer their years of experience and knowledge. A lot of the employees are Family and they value the Family name and reputation. Most employees have been there for years, several have told us they would never leave the company. In today’s workplace environment that is something to be proud of. They use American made cabinets and make sure they are suited for your needs and budget. They have many full size cabinet doors to select from. They make you walk around the showroom multiple times, just to make sure you really LOVE the cabinet, not just settle for one because that’s what they have to show you. We wanted a special door that they actually ordered in. It was one of the few they didn’t have a full size sample of. Another company might not have bothered to tell us it was even available. It would have been very simple to just sell us something else, they knew what I envisioned and went out of their way to find it. All in all we couldn’t be happier and we feel the decision to work with Meridian was one of the best we have ever made.

-Lisa D., Harleysville, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

Excellent, I have used meridian in the past and would definitely use them again in the future. Owners Larry and Mick as well as their staff provided an exceptional experience from design to completion of work. They are always professional, courteous, and pay paticular attention to detail. The quality of work was excellent. The job was completed on time. The workers always arrived on time and the job site was always cleaned up at the end of every day. Any problems or concerns were addressed in a timely manner and were followed through until resolved. Overall an excellent experience.

-Bob S., Lansdale, PA—Bathroom Remodel

We recently hired Meridian to renovate our unfinished basement. Meridian’s support for the entire project was outstanding. The design phase included multiple meetings to discuss our plans for the space. Co-owner, Larry, and designer, Austin, were a pleasure to work with. They were very flexible about meeting times. They created multiple potential floor plans in order to provide us with options and came up with creative ideas to fit in everything on our wish list. They were patient during the meetings, spending over an hour many days to walk through each room and move features on the floor plan to let us evaluate different looks. They utilize a 3D computer program that really helped us to visualize the rooms and make better decisions. They offered suggestions based on their wealth of knowledge and experience when we requested advice. At all times, Larry was clear about all charges associated with the different design stages. They considered and discussed with us every detail of the rooms with respect to space, architectural elements, cabinetry, heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical. They also kept in mind our budget and were careful to point out to us when the design or scope changes we requested were going to make the project more expensive. We were also extremely impressed with Meridian during the building phase. When selecting fixtures, cabinets, tile, granite, etc., Larry gave us the budget for each item, steered us to vendors and handpicked employees at the vendors to help us make choices. Co-owner, Mick, and the carpentry team, Matt, Dave and Leo, were again an absolute pleasure to work with. They were kind, considerate, punctual, professional and respectful of our family and home. They laid down tarps every day to ensure that dust and dirt from the basement would not be tracked through the main floor. Every subcontractor was punctual, professional and did excellent work. On days when only the subcontractors worked, someone from Meridian still came over in the morning to lay down the tarps and meet the subcontractors. They then returned in the afternoon to survey the day’s work and pick up the tarps. We were especially pleased with the excellent quality of the work, the attention to detail, and the fact that the carpenters continued to design as they built. The build team was very experienced, and it shows.

For example, we had wainscoting installed throughout the basement, and every inch of trim work is straight and perfect. When Matt encountered something in the design plan that he didn’t think would translate well in construction, he called the office and discussed it with Austin. Austin then redesigned that element with input from Matt so that every detail was perfect and the transitions from room to room flowed beautifully. Before they left, they went around the basement, inspected their work and touched up every tiny imperfection they saw. A week later, when our furniture arrived, and the delivery men nicked the paint and trim work in multiple places down the stairs, the Meridian guys came back and touched it all up promptly with no extra charge to us. Communication between Meridian and the customer is outstanding. Larry held weekly meetings with us to discuss upcoming work and finalize plans. He and Austin also kept in touch with us through e-mail during the week, if needed. We honestly didn’t think that this level of service existed anymore, but Meridian was a very pleasant surprise. It is clear that they take great pride in their work, and our finished basement exceeded our expectations. I am an epic worrier, and perhaps the greatest compliment I can bestow on Meridian is that I did not worry about our basement renovation for one minute of the 9 weeks it took to complete. We would not hesitate to hire them again.

-Lisa L., Lansdale, PA—Finished Basement

Our first experience with Meridian Construction in 1997 was such an extraordinary success that their teams have since returned over the years to complete several construction and renovation-type projects at our home with its unique characteristics of being a converted Pennsylvania Bank Barn. We have been equally happy with the price, workmanship, and timing to complete each project performed by Meridian Construction that began with an elaborate 20’x34’ elevated cedar deck and octagon-shaped sitting area, replacing roofs on both our house and detached garage, replacing 40 windows of varying sizes, including those that comprise an entire 14’x45’ southern facing wall, installing retaining walls to enclose a 17’ square garden, updating our kitchen counter tops, and most recently returning to replace 20-year old floor boards and railing with maintenance-free materials on the original deck. Meridian Construction teams remained on each project to completion, and never became distracted or left temporarily to work at other locations. Meridian Construction kept to the contract price, and never charged extra to do whatever became necessary to overcome many unexpected obstacles encountered by the unique characteristics of working on a converted Pennsylvania Bank Barn.

-Bruce J., Green Lane, PA—Outdoor Space & Exterior Renovations

When we first met with Larry in their office in Lansdale PA to begin the design process, we were excited about our ability to discuss our design ideas with them and see them actualized and displayed on a big screen through digital design technology. I have a design background and have worked with many contractors, and this experience by far exceeded any interaction I experienced in seeing a concept expressed & brought to completion with a high level of professionalism, excellence in construction, timely communication, and a dedication to keeping on a timeline for the project. All of the members of the construction team were pleasant and professional, and we felt very comfortable with them working in our home even when we could not be there with them at times. The finished project exceeded our expectations and was our best experience we have experienced having built 5 homes. We would highly recommend this company for your construction needs. This company stands out from the rest and we are grateful we were referred to them. We hope our recommendation will help you make a good decision about choosing a dependable and professional construction company. Our hats off to the entire Meridian team. A special thanks to Matt and Leo, our lead design managers for the project.

-Angela J., Perkasie, PA—Finished Basement


We engaged in a 7 month design process with Larry that led to a 2 month remodel resulting in a beautiful, functional kitchen.
During the design phase, our input was welcomed, which is not always the case with kitchen remodel firms.  We changed our minds regularly about what kind of cabinetry and countertops we wanted and Larry and Austin, the computer design guru, were supremely patient, coming out with new drawing plans for each meeting to reflect our most recent decisions.  All of the suppliers that Larry recommended were very helpful with product selection and worked seamlessly with Martha at Meridian, who made sure our selections were ordered and ready when needed.
The job site, our house, was thoroughly vetted to ensure that there would be no surprises during the remodel — and there were none.  Once the remodel began, Matt, the lead artisan on our construction crew, was timely, considerate, professional and neat.  Larry and the whole crew worked hard to make sure the rest of our house was minimally affected by the remodel.  The work was done on schedule and on budget.
We were extremely impressed with the responsiveness and courteousness of every Meridian employee we met and look forward to working with them again on other projects.

-Sandy R., Ambler, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Very professional operation. Two step design phase was used to ensure that we saw a 3D picture of the final kitchen before demolition began. All cabinetry and plumbing items were on site prior to start of construction. Adjacent rooms were sealed off to prevent dust migration during the construction. Old cabinets were promptly removed from the property. The construction crew was very punctual and cleaned up the work area daily. Extra cleaning was performed prior to weekends. We were impressed with the workmanship and speed which the work progressed. Weekly meetings were held with the owner of the company to review progress. Last minute changes were incorporated easily. We are very happy with our new kitchen and would recommend Meridian Construction to others.

-Pete S., North Wales, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Meridian Construction recently completed a kitchen remodel at my house as part of a come reconstruction.  Multiple contractors were in and out of the home, working on different parts of the house.  I must say, I Larry and his team really exceeded my expectations, came in on price, ahead of schedule, and helped my family feel safe and secure through the entire process.   
Larry spend a great deal of time with us upfront planning the project.  All costs and timelines were clearly laid out before work began.  The Meridian planning process was not rivaled by ANY of the other contractors.  Martha and Austin were great at offering opinions and suggestions, but were sure to help us choose the kitchen that met our goals, and not anything else.
During the construction process, Larry and his team were very professional and the quality of work was EXTREMELY high.  They worked along side the other contractors team with ease and patience, and were sure that the entire project was a success.
I have referred Meridian Construction to many other people, and will be calling them for my next project!  Thanks again Larry and team!

-Wendy R., Phoenixville, PA—Kitchen Remodel

We researched and evaluated several different contractors and companies who offered renovations/remodels. We liked Meridian the best from day 1. Their design & build model was exactly what we were looking for since we wanted to be able to better visualize what we were getting. There were only 2 companies that offered that in our area and Meridian came with the highest recommendations. Yes, there were other contractors (friends of friends) who opted to do it cheaper, but after hearing horror stories from others about jobs that weren’t finished or low quotes that ended up costing a whole lot more, we made the decision to go with the company that we thought would provide a seamless addition, would be easy to work with, and would get the job done without excuses. Right now, we’re in the middle of the renovation, but I can honestly say we made the right decision. We’re so glad we went with Meridian. We paid a small amount for the design phase to be able to see architectural drawings and pick out our options of what we wanted. This was essential in my mind, as it really helped us better scope out the project and assess everything involved. We made some changes along the way and Meridian has been very flexible and accommodating for some of our personal needs. We’re just a couple weeks away from the finish date now and can’t wait! I can’t say enough good things about them. If you’re considering an addition or remodel, this company is the way to go. Even if you’re looking for an honest opinion whether it makes sense to move or remodel, they can help. Update: The construction is now complete and we couldn’t be happier. It turned out even better than we expected! I just can’t believe how easy and seamless the process was. I would give them an A++ if I could. All the workers were professional, considerate and top-notch. The quality was impeccable, ant they kept the place neat throughout (even climbing through the window during construction so they didn’t disturb the rest of the house). We’ll be using them again down the road when we’re ready to remodel our kitchen.

-Kristy B., Hatfield, PA—Attic Conversion


We hired Meridian Construction for the Design Phase of our Home Improvement Project, inclusive of Complete Basement Remodel, Master Bathroom Complete Refresh (Shower, Tub, Floor, Vanity / Cabinets) and Kitchen Update (Countertop Update, Floor, Backsplash). Best Choice we could have made. Where do we start…Lets Start with Meridian is a Fantastic Company and we recommend them 110%. The Design Phase was a very smooth process and we are so happy with the Design Output that Meridian created for our Project. Larry from Meridian is a super trustworthy guy and extremely genuine – he loves what he does and is passionate about construction and that comes through in everything he did for us throughout Design. Keep reading if you want to hear more.
We have been in our house 14 years and had not done anything except landscaping, so our house was due for changes (concrete basement, kitchen vinyl floor and no backsplash, don’t get me started on the master bath). We have very high standards and contrary to what we read, we did not get any other quotes besides Meridian. We had a listing of about 5 that we were going to call, but called Meridian first – that was the best decision we could have made and did not look back. Larry from Meridian is an amazing guy and made us feel super comfortable upfront as we talked about the construction process. We started with an initial phone conversation about what we wanted to do and then spent time on a Saturday to discuss in detail our goals and what we wanted to get out of our project. We completed a 2 phase design process and all along the way, Larry and his team were great with offering suggestions and ideas as to how to make our design the very best. They created multiple computer designs with print outs for each part of our project and we went back and forth during design changing layouts, including spending an hour on a Sunday on the phone finalizing the Master Bathroom. Larry was very patient with us and at no time did we ever feel any pressure and was more the opposite he made us feel very comfortable as we finalized the plans for our project. We loved the design for each part and chose Meridian to do the build as well. We did our homework on what makes a GOOD contractor from the NARI website and Meridian hit EVERYTHING a good contractor should (clearly defined dates, no pressure on timing, etc). Coming Soon…A review of how Meridian did with the Build of
our Project…We cannot wait, but if the Design says anything about their work, it will be AWESOME as well…We are excited…Stay Tuned.

-Danielle D., North Wales, PA—Finished Basement, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels (Design Process)

Excellent! They will also be doing the construction, but the first phase of the project was the design stage. Everything was input into a computer program so we could see exactly what our house would look like with the proposed plan. They are professional and anxious to have their customers very happy. Highly recommend their design services. Well worth it!

-Andrew M., Blue Bell, PA—First Floor Renovation & Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

Meridian operated with pure professionalism throughout the process. They listened to our ideas/goals and helped us shape them into a workable design. Their background and knowledge in kitchen projects really helped us think through many items that might not have been realized until we were already in construction mode. I think this helped us immensely in the actual construction phase because things went ‘nearly’ as planned.

-James F., Ambler, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

Short version of the review – If you are looking at any sort of major/minor home project you should absolutely talk to Meridian. They are organized and very thoughtful, but above all else, they seem to genuinely take pride in their work.
Long version:
We interviewed a number of contractors for what was going to be a significant renovation to our existing home – finishing an approximately 1,600sqft basement. From the start Meridian was different. Initially, I was skeptical of their approach in that they don’t come out, spend 15 minutes at your place and then provide a free rough estimate of services. Their approach is much more thoughtful, however, they also expect to be paid for the initial estimate phase. They will come out to your house, do a thorough inspection/discussion of what you want done, what types of finishes you want etc and come back with detailed plans and budget – the catch is you have to pay for this before you really know what the finished product looks like and what the total cost will be. As I said, I was initially skeptical of this approach, because it is very different from most other contractors. However, after meeting with, and talking to, Larry, I got over my skepticism and could not be more pleased with not only the finished product but the process in-between as well. Different is clearly better in this case.
Everything Meridian did and all of the contractors/employees they used were professional, courteous and talented. Larry came to our house (a fair distance away from their offices) numerous times during the design phase to walk us through drawings/3D renderings etc in order to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted. He was always willing to work around our schedule (we have 2 young kids) to make sure we were comfortable with the finished product.
Whenever we went to a vendor to pick out materials the vendor always had a detailed description of what we needed well in advance. Also worth mentioning, every vendor I spoke with praised Meridian for being so organized and easy to work with. This is likely due to another Meridian employee – Martha – who stays behind the scenes organizing all of the vendor materials and deliveries. Meridian makes the whole process as easy as can be for homeowners.
During the build phase Larry had weekly meetings at our place to walk through what was going on the current week as well as the plan for next week and to work around any scheduling issues we might have. If we had any questions or noticed any issues with the construction, Larry and his team took care of it immediately (note: we did not have any major issues during construction). There were no surprises around the cost of the project either, since part of the design process includes a very detailed budget and payment schedule. In fact, Larry actually talked us out of some things because he thought that the cost outweighed the benefit. Even though he would have made more money on the job he put us, the clients, first. Every contractor should work this way, not every contractor does.
As far as build quality, after living in our finished basement for about 2 weeks we have had found a few incredibly minor issues (a loose closet door pull being the worst thing). Even though the project is technically “done” Larry and his team are just as responsive now as they were during the actual construction – they are coming out next week to basically walk through our very minor list of issues to fix them. This is part of their approach – they did not walk us through the finished basement and give us 30 minutes to find anything wrong before cashing the last check and disappearing. Larry’s specific advice was: “as you live in it over the next several weeks, if you see things you don’t like or if you think something is wrong let me know, we’ll fix it.”
Major construction/renovation of any sort can be extremely stressful, as a homeowner the best thing you can do to manage that stress is to hire someone who cares as much about your home as you do. We have done several projects at several different homes over the years and I can easily say that Meridian is by far the best company we have ever worked with. They are organized and very thoughtful, but above all else, they seem to genuinely take pride in their work. I have no reservation about recommending them to anyone thinking about a major/minor home project and have already given their name to several neighbors and co-workers.
Thank you again to Larry, Mick, Martha, Austin, Matt and the rest of the Meridian crew for all of their hard work.

-Matt M., Newtown Square, PA—Finished Basement

Having your kitchen remodel has a way of turning your house upside down. You never really appreciate how much you rely on it till you don’t have it. That being said, Meridian went out of their way to minimize the disruption. They “insulated” us from much of the mess – far better than any other contractor we have used to date. They took the time in the design phase to understand our unique requirements and then truly executed during the construction phase. I didn’t feel like we had a builder redoing our kitchen but a craftsman. Their experience helped us deal problems along the way and were able to provide creative solutions allowing us to still get what we wanted in spite. My wife and I are very satisfied with our kitchen and owe much of the to Meridian. Throughout the entire process they felt like a partner more than a contractor – helping us, guiding us, being an advocate with suppliers, and in the end delivering beyond expectation.

-James F., Ambler, PA—Kitchen Remodel

What can we say…the Meridian Team is AWESOME. Larry was able to sit with us during design and help us really map out what we wanted to do. Larry made it very simple and their contacts with vendors for the appliances, Lighting and other fixtures / materials saved us money and made the process even simpler. We are very happy with the work and have received a TON of compliments from our friends and family. The Meridian Team was friendly, courteous and they treated our home like it was their own. We are extremely happy with our updated Kitchen and would absolutely recommend them to our friends.

-Danielle D., North Wales, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Meridian Construction led by Larry completely remodeled our Master Bathroom. The Design and Construction Process was very smooth and we are super happy with our new bathroom. The Floor, Granite and fixtures look amazing. We love our new shower and it is exactly what we designed. The entire Meridian Team from top to bottom, between the owners, the builders and the office staff are superb. We are very happy with the craftsmanship and our new bathroom is WAY better than what the original builder put in. Meridian is meticulous and they made the end punch list process because they fixed their own punch list before they handed the job over to us. They made everything so easy and we are excited for this winter, so we can use the heated floor that they installed.
Our next project will be to redo the kids bathroom…Guess who we are calling…You got it – Larry and Meridian!

-Danielle D., North Wales, PA—Master Bathroom Remodel

We LOVE our new Basement! Meridian did an AMAZING job in completely refinishing our basement. Larry was with us from Day 1 from the design through to hand over of the finished product. We completely finished the basement including: Fixing of exterior / interior cracks, New Floors (Carpet and flooring around bar), Bar Area, Powder Room, Utility Room, Egress Window, Drywall and Drop Ceiling.
Meridian created a place where our family and friends can hang out…3 separate areas offer us a lot of space where we can watch tv, sit at a bar or play pool all separately. Larry and the Meridian team did an EXCELLENT job in remodeling our basement. From the fixtures, to the floor to the amazing bar they created we love EVERYTHING. Larry and his team also helped us with designing our TV and sound systems. Larry stayed at our house late one night to assist with the design and made sure that everything turned out GREAT.
We would absolutely recommend Meridian to our friends and we are truly happy with our new basement. THANK YOU Larry and Team!

-Danielle D., North Wales, PA—Finished Basement

We recently began a long overdue kitchen remodel with Meridian Construction. This is a major undertaking for us. Having heard about several experiences from others, we were somewhat uncertain of what we were getting into. Meridian has made the entire process easy for us, from our initial meeting with Larry at our home, through the final phase of the design and into construction. The design phase has been awesome, and it was really fun seeing our home displayed on his large screen with before and after renderings. Larry really take the time to understand what’s important to us and then works that into the design. The outcome is wonderful. You really get to see everything come together before any construction work starts. You don’t just have to imagine it, which is great for my wife and me. We are just starting construction and have begun working with more of the Meridian folks. Everyone is very professional and because of the detailed design, everyone is on the same page. We really feel like we are in good hands. Each vendor we visit while making our selections tells us the same. Overall, an excellent experience.

-Scott C., Lansdale, PA—First Floor Renovation & Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

The entire process from Design to Completion was excellent. I have used this company in the past and would absolutely use them again in the future. The quality of the work is excellent and there is great attention to all details of the project including adhering to the timetable, minimizing disruption in the house, and daily cleanup to minimize the mess. The workers are courteous and take great pride in their work. The owner of the company gives a complete detailed schedule of the project from start to finish including weekly (sometimes more) updates of exactly what work will be done and when. All selection of materials including costs are provided as well as a detailed payment schedule to avoid any surprises along the way. The process starts with an extensive design phase including computer generated drawings which make it easy to visualize the project before it begins.

-Bob S., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen & Exterior Siding

Designed and constructed new kitchen, family room and dining room. We went from a dark, old kitchen with poor flow and space allocation to a gorgeous new first floor! Excellent! Meridian was clean, professional, knowledgeable and very trust worthy. The project went just as projected and they managed the whole process very well.

-Andrew M., Blue Bell, PA—First Floor Renovation & Kitchen Remodel


We met with Larry and were instantly impressed with his professionalism, his attention to detail, and his no-pressure approach. After several meetings/discussions over the course of a several month period, we decided to officially move forward with having Larry design our potential addition. Larry went through our current house, made note of our likes/dislikes of the current house and discussed our desires/priorities in terms of a new addition. He then designed several options, presented them to us, and listened to our thoughts on each one. Larry then tweaked his designs based upon our comments and presented the final plan for the addition (in 2D and 3D) along with price estimates. We were very pleased with the service that Larry provided, his attention to detail, and the professionalism with which he conducted his business.

-Margaret H., Lansdale, PA—Addition (Design Process)

Designed and built a 300 sq ft second floor master bath and master closet addition. Remodeled the former bathrooms and closet into a large hall bath. Other small home improvements including replacing basement windows and installing an exterior door. The team at Meridian was fantastic to work with and did beautiful and quality work. We will definitely work with them again the the future, and would refer them to anyone looking for a quality contractor.
From our first meeting with Larry it was clear that they love what they do, and are very good at doing it. The lead carpenter on our job, Matt, was meticulous in everything he did, and it is clear that he takes pride in his work. All of the subcontractors (electrician, plumber, roofer, dry wall crew, stucco) followed their lead. The communication among the many people that it took to get this addition completed was excellent. Larry had weekly meetings with us to go over everything in detail from design and timelines to selections down to cabinet hardware. The result is an absolutely lovely master bath, efficient master closet, and a hall bath with plenty of room for our two daughters to enjoy as they grow up. And to look at our house you would never know we had an addition put on, even though you see it plainly from the front and back.
At first I was uneasy about having the contractor do the design for the project. I was concerned about not being able to get multiple quotes on construction and getting caught in “too late to switch” and being stuck so to speak. Larry made us feel confident that we would have options at the end of the design phase which put me more at ease. After design we did not bid out the construction, which is a decision I feel comfortable with.
Larry worked with us through many options, and I do believe no one could have been more thorough. They created a 3D model of our entire house, and were able to really accurately model our choices and selections, right down to the model of the pedestal tub we selected. Pretty much just like what you see on the HGTV shows. This really helped to see what the rooms would look like. Decisions that I imagine I would have agonized over were made quite simple. One example is how we would join up the pebble tile under the tub to the ceramic tile on the rest of the bathroom floor. You draw a couple of options in the program and pretty quickly you see what works and what doesn’t. And he made changes with us sitting there – no waiting for changes and drawings going back and forth.
The design phase continued throughout the project which was a good thing. Once we got enough of the design complete, we signed the construction contract knowing that we could still make changes at certain points as we went along. And we did make changes! Some were suggested by Meridian, several we initiated. All were considered and incorporated with ease. One example was that they were able to give us another 12″ in the addition after spending hours confirming where the weight bearing wall actually was, i.e. it wasn’t where you would reasonably think it was (house built in 1965 and had a previous addition under the new addition). They then spent significant effort to convince the signing architect and permit office this was correct (which of course it was, confirmed finally when they took the roof off the first floor). 12″ doesn’t sound like much, but in a bathroom it means a lot.
They left the worksite every night very clean – no mess, no tracked dirt through the house. We never had to clean up after them or their subcontractors. This was important to us since we have a 2-year-old running around the house!
The work started Thanksgiving weekend 2013 and was mostly completed by March 2014. This was a significant project, completed during a brutal winter. Of course we had delays – they adjusted their work weekly to accommodate as best they could.
All costs and pricing were clear, and didn’t change. Now – they aren’t cheap, but I believe you get what you pay for, and we weren’t looking for cheap. I do believe they are a good value. This was a high risk project (building out over an existing first floor) and they took every precaution to ensure that they first didn’t do any damage, and secondly built something solid and lasting. No corners cut – if it wasn’t done right the first time (which will always happen), it was corrected and made right, most of the time either without us knowing until after the fact, or without us having to say anything.
So if you are still reading this review, let me share with you two more things about these guys:
1) We lost power for 3 days in February in the middle of a snow/ice storm and towards the end of construction. By 11 am that morning, Mick (who oversaw construction, Larry’s brother) shows up on our doorstep with a generator for us to use – not for construction, but for our own use to power our sump pump, pellet stove, refrigerator, etc. No charge. Just return it when the power comes back on. This on the morning that there were no generators to be found anywhere.
2) I was newly pregnant at our first meeting, and our daughter was born when the construction was nearly complete. So if they can make a pregnant woman happy for nine months, they are doing something right!

-Liz R., Norristown, PA—Second Floor Addition, Bathroom Remodel & Exterior Renovations

Meridian Construction provided complete design, cabinetry and construction for our kitchen renovation. Larry was extremely easy to work with during the design process. He was organized in covering all details, expediting samples, providing quality providers for materials they did not provide and offered excellent advice and creative solutions to my design dilemmas.
I had a very tight timeframe for completing our kitchen project. Other contractors hemmed and hawed as to if they could make my deadline. Larry was confident about meeting our deadline and did everything with his time and crew to make sure it happened. It was a very smooth and painless process. Larry was a complete professional in his timeliness, ideas, recommendations and design ideas. We met at his office to utilize the large computer screen so as to more easily see the layout and plans for how the kitchen would evolve.
I chose to work with Meridian because they could provide the services for my entire project: a high-quality design process, the cabinets, the construction and any follow up. I was concerned with the concept of a contractor sending me to a cabinet provider for the design process. There were miscommunications between the contractor and the contact at the cabinet design place….what would go wrong during the actual project?? I was not disappointed as Larry (who designed the project with me) arrived with the work crew on the first few days to review the entire project, address any questions and communicate all details with the crew.
Another reason I chose Meridian is because of the fabulous line of cabinetry, Wellborn, (which is made in the USA) they offer. They are solid wood cabinets with all of the functions, finishes and options you would need to design an wonderful kitchen. The quality of their middle-line cabinets are equivalent to the high-end products you would find at a home center or many other kitchen design places. They provide a cabinet front in the color and material of your choice, and will provide two if you are trying to decide between two different finishes. This enabled me to select a beautiful painted oak cabinet, with a perfect glaze. And the cabinets happened to arrive on a day when I was at the office for a final meeting!
During the entire project, Tom, the lead carpenter and helper would arrive EXACTLY at 7:30 a.m. each day. I teased them that I could set my watch to their arrival time! Tom was great during the demo and rough-in phase, offering advice and discussing the various options with me to be sure they did what I wanted.
The crew put up heavy-duty plastic at the doorways into our kitchen, which helped to keep dust and debris to a minimum. They were very conscientious in keeping an eye on our dog to make sure she didn’t get in the way or hurt. Each day they cleaned up their workspace, swept up and kept our house as clean as possible during a major renovation.
I heard from Larry at various times throughout the construction in regards to the various tradesmen who would be arriving to install plumbing or lighting. He would stop by the project periodically to check on the progress and ensure I was happy with how things were progressing. His communication throughout the project was excellent.
I would highly recommend this organization for any home remodeling project. They are very professional and deliver an excellent finished product for the money. There are so many stories about renovations-gone-wrong, so you expect that something bad is going to happen. This was NOT the case with Meridian! I’m sure you will be as pleased with them as I am. I would use them for any future projects we undertake.

-Janice B., Blue Bell, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Larry Giannone at Meridian Construction provided design services for several large renovation projects we wanted to do around the house. This included using a design program to help us come up with the best room orientation and providing us with final architect drafted blueprints which could be used with the township to get approval to start the project. I could not be more complimentary of our experiences working with Larry Giannone at Meridian Construction on the design phase of renovations for our home. The service we received in this design phase was excellent and came at a very reasonable price. Larry was incredibly patient during the design meetings we had with him and was always committed to ensuring that my husband and I were both happy with the results. He would always come to our meetings with multiple design layouts and had no problem making slight or major tweaks to ensure that everything was exactly as we wanted it. Larry also seems to have a way of mediating differences of opinion between myself and my husband in a way that ultimately meant both sides were happy with the outcome. We have challenging schedules but Larry was willing to accommodate meetings whenever it was convenient for us, often meeting later in the evenings and sometimes on the weekends.
We had flirted with the idea of renovating our house previously and even went to the effort and expense of hiring an architect directly but scuttled the project because I could never visualize the 2 dimensional results. Larry was able to show us his designs both 2 and 3 dimensionally which was crucial to get me to commit to the project. The architect’s plans that he delivered were very well done and accepted with no problems by the township. We are ultimately very glad we waited to find Larry to help us because we are now getting the home we always wanted.

-Jenn N., Wayne, PA—Whole House Remodel & Second Floor Addition (Design Process)

The very definition of professionalism. Larry and his crew were excellent! They cleaned the work area every day before departure. Supplied a portable toilet. Laid throw down coverings on the interior areas so as to not dirty our floors. A plastic barrier was installed to keep dust out of our house.
Before construction Larry created a computer simulation design which we were able to review/change before construction. Work was started and completed at the predetermined time. We plan on continuing to use Meridian to re second story master bedroom addition. A true pleasure to work with!

-Christopher J., Doylestown, PA—Outdoor Space & Exterior Renovations

Meridian remodeled our kitchen, powder room, family room and built a mudroom. We also had windows and outside doors replaced. At the first meeting, when Larry showed up with examples of their contracts, itineraries for meetings and descriptions of work they had done, we realized we were in good hands. We used a different kitchen design firm but Larry partnered well with the architect and designer and he and Mick built their schedule and plans around that design. We were pleased at how well they worked together and this helped when surprises popped up in the construction. Although we thought we had covered every contingency, they found different framing than expected and no insulation in the kitchen walls when the demolition started. By the time we made it home from work, Mick had already contacted the township, found what needed to be done and he and Larry had options for us to consider. They reacted well, quickly and fairly. Throughout the rest of the project as issues were identified they adjusted work being performed to keep the project moving forward and on schedule. Weekly recap meetings (with a prepared agenda) helped us review what was accomplished, resolve issues, and know what was planned for the following week.
Matt and Tom of the construction crew were professional and treated our house as if it was their own. Their attention to detail as they installed the cabinets was wonderful. Also, the flooring was done beautifully.
We would definitely hire them again and are already planning on having more windows replaced.

-Priscilla R., Phoenixville, PA—Kitchen Remodel & First Floor Renovations

Full Kitchen remodel plus drywall work and painting in family room. Work included: design; cabinet and granite selection plus installation; plumbing; painting; window; tile work; drywall; appliance and flooring installation. The process went very well. Significant time was spent prior to the first demo day to make sure we had everything designed and any questions we had were addressed. During construction, every care was taken by Meridian Construction to make sure the dust and debris in the work area didn’t trail through the house. Clean up was done nightly. We did make some changes throughout the process and they were handled while making sure we were aware of the impact. Any questions we had were responded to quickly. The final cost, including add-ons, was in line with what was presented in the original contract. Once the remodel was completed, they also took the time to review the process with us to help them improve their ability to better meet the needs of their future clients.
Everyone working on the remodel and with the company was extremely professional. They were great to work with and we received an excellent finished kitchen and family room. I would highly recommend the services of Meridian Construction.

-Heather T., Hatfield, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Great! The floor looks beautiful! When I wanted some details tweaked- transitions etc. they came back to ensure it was finished the way I expected it to be.

-Heather G., Collegeville, PA—Flooring Project


Contacted company for estimate on portico and kitchen remodel. Discussed budget and was told we needed to pay 800.00 for design fees. Needless to say formal estimate was 10,000 over original estimate with inferior materials. Still out 800.00 with no plans in hand. Be careful!!!

-Don B., Collegeville, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

I Went to Meridian Construction because they sold Wellborn Cabinets and we were familiar with this product. We were getting ready to remodel our kitchen and wanted to purchase these cabinets.. I quickly learned from Larry, the owner, that Meridian Construction could also design my kitchen plans and offer me the added benefit of detailing my plans on a computer program in addition to paper blueprints. Larry sat with me for over an hour on my first visit and explained in detail what his plan would include. He was told that my brother was our contractor. This did not deter his enthusiasm to work with us. I made a second visit with my husband and we quickly agreed we wanted Larry and Meridian to design our dream kitchen. I met with him several more time just to discuss what I wanted in my kitchen and what were the most important items to be included in the plans. He met us at our house and was very honest with us in discussing what we could and couldn’t do within our budget or framework of the current kitchen. He developed a blueprint that we were thrilled with and then shared it with our contractor and worked closely with them and respected their opinions. He planned to change our huge window into a sliding door and increased our cabinet space by removing our soffits, changing the window over the sink and just slightly moving the entry way to dining room to allow more wall space. My number one request was an island. This was a huge project because of the layout of the room. He was able to do it and make the kitchen appear larger at the same time. Larry used a simulator computer program to show my husband and I what each change or addition would look like.
Once the design was set Larry was instrumental in helping us choose each piece of cabinetry and discussed the pros and cons of each piece. He used his design program to show what each piece would look like and would add and delete things so we always knew what it would look like in our kitchen. We never had to guess or imagine what our kitchen would look like, we could see it!
Throughout the entire process Larry always kept us informed of pricing and never just wanted to sell us the more expensive items. He went out of his way to discuss costs of parts of project he wasn’t providing such granite, flooring and appliances. He referred us to businesses for these items and we were very happy with all of them. Larry kept in close contact with us once the construction began and made himself accessible to our contractors. My husband and I were extremely pleased with Meridian Construction, Larry and his staff. We both agreed we would can on him again for other projects and refer him to friends. I had a good friend along with me for many of our meetings and she agreed she would call on him when it is time to do her kitchen!

-Sue S., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

I’ve used Meridian Construction for several projects beginning back in ~1990 when they added a patio to our house. We moved in 1994 and we had them do a similar patio at our new house (~1996). In 2003 I had them help renovate my office. This project included an architect and local zoning restrictions which added time and changes to original plans. They were always cooperative and helpful and making sure the changes were done correctly. That project cost over $75,000 and I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the job. Since then they have replaced over 20 windows (2011) and last year converted an office room into a smaller room and added an ADA compliant bathroom. Their most recent job this summer (replacing an existing rubber roof with new material) was dowith no surprises and their work was clean and they took the required precautions in dealing with lead paint. They always leave the site clean and make sure they don’t disrupt any activity that may be going on (patient care) while they are on-site.

-Jeff V., Lansdale, PA—Various Projects

Larry came out to meet me , I told him what my budget was, he told me what I should expect to spend. He could have taken my $800.00 and provided a budget that was not acceptable to me but he told me we were probably not a good match for each other. I appreciated his honesty and we parted way. I still receive their newsletter which is informative. If the cost worked I would have considered using his company.

-Leonard B., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

The design process was smooth with Larry using computer aided design software and advising us about the best way to waterproof the area, best way to provide adequate lighting and appropriate flooring. The team always arrived when expected and left the area as clean as possible at the end of their work day. They were friendly and professional and careful to make sure all finishing work – wood molding, etc. – was lined up beautifully, leaving no gaps. The project was completed on time and within budget.

-Samantha S., Lansdale, PA—Finished Basement

We had the kitchen redone. New floor, cabinets, granite countertop, back splash, and lighting. The kitchen floor was ripped up and a new Congoleum floor installed. The old cabinets were removed and new Wellborn cabinets installed. With the make over we found additional space. A new granite, level 1, was installed. The selection was that of a level 3 or better. We are very happy with the flow of the design. Some lighting was replaced, as well as a couple of doors. Plastic sheets with zippers seals the dust from the rest of the house and clean up was done every day.
There are no don’ts! Do work with Meridian Construction!
It all started with a 30 year old double oven that was on its’ last legs. Apparently, as great as it was, no one makes them anymore. Time to redo the kitchen…
Cutting the story down, a year and 10 contractors later, we found Meridian Construction.One thing we found out in our search is that most contractors do not know cabinets. Even more, most contractors do not have samples to see. Larry, of Meridian Construction, knows Wellborn Cabinets inside and out. He can even tell you how certain colors and woods change over the years. It made all the difference on what we decided. After all, this is not a small investment and we want this to last for many years.
Meridian construction’s approach is to look for possible problem areas, address them, and cover all the features we want in the make over. In essence, we had no surprises. They did what they said they would do. They completed the job in 10 working days and kept the house relatively clean of the dust. We had other contractors estimate the job at 6-8 weeks to do the same work. Meridian Construction is a small and trust-worthy group of professionals that know what they’re doing, small or large jobs.
Of course, we had changes added on as we proceeded. We were given choices and costs were kept in line.
We had Meridan Construction replace the cabinets, sink, floor, add a granite countertop and backsplash, lighting, and replace several doors. They offered help where needed, kept us on track, and kept us calm when we found decisions hard to cope with.
Now that the kitchen is done, and the little touch-ups are being taken care of, we would highly recommend this company for your consideration. They are down to earth, and after interviewing 10 other contractors, we realized that we made the right choice. One note, they do have Diet Coke in their fridge!

-Barry B., Plymouth Meeting, PA—Kitchen Remodel


This is the second project where we have used Meridian. I reviewed them on Angie’s List in 2011 for the exceptional job they did with our master bathroom and thought it was important to review them again because our experience the second time was just as exceptional. Instead of repeating all the wonderful things I said in my 2011 review I thought it might be more helpful to share some other benefits we have gained from our relationship with Meridian. Over time we have used Meridian (Larry and Mick) as a place we can call, and trust, when issues occur in our home that need immediate attention (sewer ejector pump, hot water heater, leaky window, etc.). One phone call to Larry and he has a competent professional come out right away to address our situation. The costs have also been very reasonable. On several occasions we have spent time with Larry discussing other potential projects and have actually gone through the specific design process without any pressure to hire them or to have the project take place in the immediate future. The design process has always been a pleasure with Meridian, and it is very important to us. We find that it is essential as it enhances our understanding of the options, scope of the work, and the costs. We also believe this is what helped us to complete 2 projects with no surprises. The no pressure, very detailed design process was a really good way for us to get to know Meridian and is what convinced us to hire them in the first place. We are currently building a vacation home quite a distance away from Meridian’s locale but we plan to use them for the cabinetry in the home because we are impressed with their experience in this area and the quality of the Wellborn cabinets they use.

-Tobi L., Lansdale, PA—Master Bathroom Remodel

Meridian built a large (approximately 1200 sf + 3-car garage) addition onto our existing home. This included a master bedroom suite, master bathroom, powder room and laundry room on the main floor, as well as unfinished space on the second floor and a 3 car garage on the lower level. It was a complex job, requiring design and many creative solutions to tie into previous construction. In addition, they managed the project very closely and assisted us with making decisions and choices along the way to ensure we would be happy with the final product. Since the addition was completed, they have maintained regular contact to check in and fix a few minor details that popped up.
We would highly recommend using Meridian for any project. Larry is an excellent project manager and keeps on top of every detail of the project, with weekly meetings to discuss scheduling, material choices, and any unexpected issues that may come up. Both he and Mick are easy to work with and always willing to discuss alternative solutions make sure the client is happy. The craftsmen they employ (Dave, Moshi and Matt for this job) were professional, talented, friendly, and kept the job site neat. All subcontractors for the job are carefully chosen and managed by a Meridian team member. The job was completed on time, on budget, and to the highest of standards. We were so happy with our experience on this project that we immediately hired them for our next one!

-Jill A., Blue Bell, PA—Two Story Addition

What started out as a simple project ended up being much more complex than expected. Meridian did quite a bit of design work on this one, preparing several possibilities to fit our budget. Larry and Mick were very patient with us as we changed our minds several times! Eventually, we settled on a path forward and they executed flawlessly, as usual. Early and right on budget! The work included stripping down 4 rooms in our home and remodeling them to be used as a home gym and home office. They also replaced exterior doors and windows and rerouted some heating ducts to accommodate the changes. As always, the project was managed very well and we were assisted in making material selections.
As a result of this project, we were able to open a home business and impress our clients! Larry recently provided significant consultation, on his own time, to assist us with some zoning questions that came up with our township.
Again, we would highly recommend this builder for any project. They are fairly priced, do high quality work, deliver on their promises, and consistently go above and beyond to satisfy their customers. This is our second job with Meridian and we will continue to use them on our future projects.

-Jill A., Blue Bell, PA—Interior Renovations

Meridian Construction made our Dreams become Reality!! We could not be Happier that we chose Meridian Construction to do the work on our home…. Larry, Mick, Dave and Matt are very Hard working men…They put everything they have into making sure Every detail of a job is done perfectly and making the Customer Proud!! They all are Very Professional and Thorough and Caring…Just they type of people you want at your home.
My husband and I had all kinds of Ideas and plans that we wanted to do with the back part of our home…but…we were un clear of how any of it would Look and come together…Until we sat down with Larry and he showed us the Design program they offered…WOW…after he heard all of our wants and needs for the addition and deck and when we were undecided about some things, Larry had suggested some ideas to us that were vey helpful and actually perfect for our plans… We were Amazed when he brought up our house on the screen, it was exactly what we wanted … right there on the screen in 3-D!!! You can change things around and reposition different things…and even add furniture and landscaping…Larry is very knowledgeable and is very patient (since my husband and I had a few differences with this project)! The true test was though…Could they actually make the Screened in Room and Deck look JUST like the Program results that we just saw…MERIDIAN Did it!!! EVEN BETTER!!! Anyone that chooses to go with Meridian Construction…Rest assure you will not be disappointed…They are a VERY Trust worthy Company!!! It was a Pleasure working with them all and We will be using them again in the near Future!!

-Dana V., Harleysville, PA—Sunroom Addition & Outdoor Space

Larry Giannone of Meridian designed our completely remodeled kitchen. Larry used computer aided design software and meticulously addressed every question we had regarding materials, color, lighting, cost, etc. He met with us numerous times, most often in the evening to accommodate our schedule. He referred us to suppliers for all materials and joined us when requested to make our selections. Larry was attentive to every detail, listened to what we wanted and offered advice and alternatives to make sure the final design was exactly as we hoped it would be and still within our budget. He walked us through every stage of the design process, Larry was often on site once construction began, making sure all work was being done exactly as planned. When not on site, he was readily available by phone. Larry’s design work and continued involvement during construction actually made our kitchen remodel a pleasant experience.

-Samantha S., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel (Design Process)

We had 2 brick patios, 1 of which had a poor foundation causing the surface to slope and rain water to drain toward the house’s foundation. Meridian removed the problem patio, poured new footings and concrete to create the proper pitch, and installed slate on the surface – slate was also used to cover the 2nd brick patio. Although the grout used on the project did not seal properly, Meridian has been working with us and the manufacturer to correct the problem.

-Samantha S., Lansdale, PA—Outdoor Space Renovation

Provider encountered some problems but addressed them promptly and I was satisfied with their total job.

-Joan N., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Larry and his team completely gutted and remodeled our kitchen. From start to finish of our kitchen remodel, Meridian Construction, especially Larry, walked us through the entire process of creating the kitchen of our dreams. From day one, Larry and his team were professional, trustworthy, reliable and clean. They walked us through every decision from the smallest detail to the biggest. Every call, concern or decision change, was met with a prompt return call or a meeting to discuss. Larry’s attention to detail is second to none! I recommend Meridian to any and everyone who needs any work done to their house. We will definitely be calling Larry for our next project!

-Tim O., Skippack, PA—Kitchen Remodel


We’ve been working with Meridian Construction since 2008, on various projects, all with excellent results. The upstairs of our house consisted of two large bedrooms, a tiny bathroom and hall at the top of the stairs. This was a very challenging renovation in that the house and its current configuration seemed to fight back with each great idea we had! Larry Giannone worked tirelessly with us to design a plan that gave us increased function as well as aesthetics within our limited budget. Working with demanding customers with champagne taste on a budget is not easy, but Larry was always willing to go the extra mile to give us alternative design options, staying on budget but not compromising quality. Mick Giannone also worked hard to give us accurate cost estimates of the various options, and again, never compromising quality! This also was no small feat given the number of different tradesmen involved in our project, and the wide variety of materials chosen.
– The bathroom was expanded by three feet to accommodate an oversized custom shower with built in, full width seat , shampoo niche, glass door, corner shelves and specialty faucet and hardware. Walls, seat, niches and shelves are marble tile and shower pan, seat top and selected trim is corian, specially manufactured design, which makes a beautiful as well as functional (no grout lines in floor of shower!) installation. A true spa experience each morning!
– The marble used on the shower walls is also used on the floor of the bathroom. They built an entire feature wall made of small glass and marble tiles, floor to ceiling, which takes this bathroom to the next level. This was no simple feat, since the walls were out of plumb and had to be built out to ensure a quality installation. There was a great deal of labor in setting the tiles as well, given the size of the tiles, and the cutting required to ensure a good fit and quality design.
– Plumbing work included moving all plumbing for bath/shower, installation of all new fixtures, and work to hot water baseboard heat runs.
– While closet space in the bedrooms was ample, access was limited. The solution was to remove the single door on each to new double doors, which solved the functional issue, but came with a structural challenge, dealing with a sloping ceiling. They conquered this challenge and also provided a nice trim detail to make the doors look aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, and now the closet contents are easily accessible. In addition, all new solid wood access doors were installed upstairs in bedrooms, bath and hallway.
– Electrical work in the bedrooms/hall/bath included upgraded lighting, outlets, state of the art Panasonic fan, cable outlet.
– It is a pleasure to use this beautiful bathroom, bedroom and sitting room every day, and a testament to this company of hard working and honest craftsmen who take excellent customer service very seriously. The work ethic and commitment to quality of Meridian’s owners and talented employees extends to their subs as well. All treat us, and our homes, with the utmost respect, it is such a pleasure working with them!

-Faye S., Harleysville, PA—Master Bedroom & Bathroom Remodel

Over the past several years Meridian has completed several large projects for us.
The first was a complete renovation of our kitchen (2010) which included gutting the entire space, installation of a new slider door to the deck, new custom cabinets, granite counters, hardwood floor, plumbing and electrical (new fixtures and rerouting where needed). The layout was largely the same but an island and prep sink were installed where there had previously been a peninsula; plumbing was moved for this.
The second project was renovation of our laundry room and mudroom, also completed in 2010. Again, the entire laundry room was gutted, a new exterior door, cabinetry, counters, sink and vinyl flooring were all installed. A unique cabinetry design for the mudroom was completed.
The largest project was the hall bath, master bath and family room, all completed in 2011. The bathrooms were remodeled sequentially so we were never without an upstairs bath. In the hall bath all the fixtures and cabinetry were replaced, exhaust fan and a tile floor over radiant heat were installed. The master bath was a total gut job, with new custom cabinetry, soaking tub, corian counters and tub surround, frameless tile shower, exhaust fan and tile floor over radiant heat. The plumbing for the tub and shower were updated and moved; this involved opening a wall below in the family room which was coordinated with the remodeling of the family room. In the family room, the exterior slider was replaced, the wood burning fireplace was converted to gas (a huge job which involved removing a brick hearth) and installation of a wall of custom cabinetry with a granite surround for the new fireplace.
For all of these projects drywall repairs were made, new trim installed and all finish work and painting were completed by Meridian. The only work that was completed by subcontractors was the plumbing and electrical, and counter installation.
Larry and his brother Mick, as well as the craftsmen, Stash, Dave and Matt, were a pleasure to work with. In the design phase, Larry was patient and knowledgeable, delivering multiple versions of detailed drawings and contracts. Everything was clearly specified (and if it wasn’t clarifications were made), contracts were broken down by work area, materials and part numbers specified, options (if applicable) outlined, and terms clear. Larry met us at the various suppliers to help us make our selections.
The work phase was well-organized and planned. The guys were punctual and always had everything they needed, no time was lost running around for supplies. Demolition was done carefully, shoes were removed before entering the house and laying tarps, heavy plastic with zippers for egress were installed in all doorways, and everything was cleaned up at the end of the day and taken away for disposal. Larry or Mick checked in on the work as needed, and were always available by email or phone. Someone from Meridian was always here for deliveries, inspections or subcontractors, never was I the homeowner left to deal with any of that. That being said, I was home most of the time during these projects, so available for questions, but I am sure that Larry has a system for resolving questions if the homeowner is away during the day. However, I never felt that I couldn’t leave while the work was being done. In fact, I was unexpectedly hospitalized during the bathroom projects and I was able to communicate with Larry over the phone as to how they could get in the house, etc. No worries! Importantly, Larry and Mick are committed to working with the customer until they are completely satisfied, coming back after the work is completed to correct problems or fine tune the work. This is something that you will not find in many contractors.
In addition to the big projects, Meridian has completed several minor repairs such as replacing the attic roof exhaust fan, drywall repairs in the basement and garage. Larry is always happy to schedule these small jobs in as their time permits.
Overall, we have been very happy with the work; there is great pride on the part of everyone associated with the company. Details are important to them and it shows!

-Eva W., Doylestown, PA—Whole House Remodel

I contacted Meridian at the urging of my son-in-law. They had remodeled their kitchen and were very happy with the results.Larry came promptly and suggested products that met my needs. We decided upon an installation date and the crew arrived as promised. They were careful to minimize any dust and lessen my inconvenience. When the workmen attempted to install the backsplash they determined that it was incorrect. I was promised a replacement. A few weeks later, the crew arrived and as they began to install the new backsplash, they determined that it was also wrong. They left the incorrect item on my counter so that it looked better than the wall. A few weeks later, I was met by a stranger who told me he was picking up the incorrect backsplash. Each time, I had to remove everything from my countertop so that the workers could access the backsplash. Several weeks passed and I received a call that the correct backsplash was available and could they install it. Again, I cleaned off the countertop and the backsplash was installed.
I felt that the folks at Meridian were doing their best to make a bad situation better. I would recommend them to anyone who would like to work with a professional, capable company.

-Joan N., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Remodeled entire master bathroom. Removed bathtub, moved location of sinks and shower, vents, etc. New cabinets, shower, flooring, lighting. Our experience with Meridian was exceptional. From the beginning, they were very patient and engaging. We made the decision to first hire Meridian for the design process. We were looking for a contractor that would work well with us, who we felt had the right expertise, and who paid attention to the details. The design process gave us a real opportunity see if Meridian met these needs. Meridian not only met these needs, but they exceeded them.
Once we hired Meridian for the remodel work, we experienced the great care they had in getting the job done right, choosing the right materials, and avoiding change orders. Their communication was constant, open and productive to keeping us aware of our costs, where we stood in the project, and in managing our expectations. This was crucial for what could be a potentially stressful process.
Another important factor in a project like this, is the comfort with the actual work and workers while in our home. The individuals that worked directly for Meridian, and their subcontractors, treated both us, and our home, with respect. They each took a lot of care in making sure our home was kept clean, they were very professional, and very pleasant.
All of this said, the final outcome is that we love our beautiful, newly remodeled, master bath! It truly turned out beyond our expectations.
Most of our interactions during this project was with Larry Giannone. We truly appreciated his dedication, communication, attention to detail, and professionalism. Larry did an amazing job at making this a successful relationship and a fabulous outcome.
These days it is not easy to make the decision to engage in a project that could have a high price tag, but we truly enjoy our new bathroom, it not only enhanced our home’s worth, but we sincerely appreciate it, and enjoy it every day. We also feel we made a friend with Meridian, and would not hesitate to hire them for all our future needs.

-Tobi L., Lansdale, PA—Master Bathroom Remodel

2010 & Older

Major renovation and upgrade of our home: Kitchen – new granite counter tops, cabinets, appliances, built in cabinets, lighting… Master Bath – new counter tops, cabinets, shower, camode, lighting, tile flooring, reconstruction, closet.
This job, similar to prior jobs, was completed on time, on budget, and with excellent quality.
Working with Meridian Construction is a refreshing experience from the beginning of the planning process through job completion. They have been helpful and patient during the design phase, identifying options for us to consider without pressuring us to make a decision. During construction we found all the work crew to be reliable, polite, and respectful of our property. It is apparent to us that they all take pride in their craftsmanship. Each day of construction either one of the partners or a supervisor inspected the days work.
We were seeking quality workmanship at a reasonable price and that it is what we received.

-Donnelly C., Sumneytown, PA—Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Total downstairs remodel. Enlarged and remodeled kitchen and mud room. Also added a 20×20′ addition with fireplace. Larry is a great guy and very meticulous. During the design phase every design option was considered and discussed. Each meeting Larry brought detailed computer generated renderings of the designs so they could be analyzed and discussed. We were ecstatic with the final design. During construction Larry made sure he explained everything before it happened, there were no surprises. He also went above and beyond to make sure the construction process was as painless as possible. For example he set up a temporary sink so we at least had water during kitchen remodeling.
He also has a great team and they were a joy to have around. They were also very courteous and respectful that they were ‘invading your space’. He was and is always available for questions. If an issue arose during construction, he would make sure it was corrected and done right. Even though the job was completed in 2010, we remain in touch with Larry and he makes sure we continue to be happy with his work. When given the opportunity we recommend him to anyone looking for remodeling.

-David S., Collegeville, PA—Kitchen Remodel, Family Room Addition & First Floor Renovations

Everything went extremely well from day one to completion. This being the second project we had done by Meridian Construction (The first one was a complete and favorable renewal/upgrade of our kitchen in 2009) we had the confidence that Meridian would once again perform exceptionally and do a great job for us. The time and effort that Meridian put forth from the onset was tremendous. The roofing, concrete sidewalk work and the front window replacements were pretty much straight forward with though Meridian arranging for the window representative to meet with us to ensure we were ok with the replacement windows being proposed. We really wanted the new detached garage and the front bedroom dormer to both be built in such a manner to blend in with our home to give a very pleasing view from the street. With that goal in mind they meant with us on several occasions during the planning phase whereby through a lot of detail discussions and their use of a computer they were able to develop drawings of the final look of the detached garage and dormer addition which denoted both the size and location of each and which were found acceptable to us. These discussions also involved Meridian researching and obtaining all of the applicable permitting requirements and detailing the electrical layout. This up front planning and discussions really served to re-enforce the true expertise and professionalism of Meridian. Once Meridian set the project schedule they held to it and completed the job not only on schedule but to our full satisfaction. The work progressed without any real problems. Meridian handled all of the work effort/coordination which not only included work by their own employees but also those of the roofer, electrician, heater/ductwork contractor, concrete finishers and suppliers. Meridian’s Project Manager meant with us as a minimum weekly to review the progress and to present us with the next week’s schedule. (Also we were able to discuss with the workers if need be daily of any concerns we may of had. And also the Project Manager stopped by the work site daily to ensure for himself that things were going as planned and he was always available for us if needed.) Once the project got underway the workers arrived daily like clock work; performed their duties in a very professional and knowledgeable manner (even taking time out to explain to our two children when asked the various task they were undertaking) and left the work area at the end of the day in a very clean and organized manner. As mentioned everything went extremely well and we were and still are very pleased with the results. The time and effort and communication that Meridian’s Project Manager put forth up front was what we believe the key to the success of the project. We did encounter one small change which was an increase to the width of the new front sidewalk but was by no means any fault of Meridian as we wanted it increased and really had no impact on the project schedule nor the budget.

-Chris R., Collegeville, PA—Two-Story Garage & Exterior Renovations

Had a number of large “builders” type windows replaced with quality energy efficient windows. An excellent experience! Quality is the perfect word to describe the windows installed and the workmanship of the Meridian workers. Larry comes out for the estimate, takes many photos and a few days later a quote arrives. Many conversations (mostly emails) followed regarding types and styles of windows, installation procedures. Every concern I had was addressed by Larry and dates of installation agreed upon. The workers installed the windows and new sills. Windows were clean, sills painted and best of all: no mess anywhere! They cleaned up so thoroughly that it was hard to tell they were there! Old windows taken away and no mess outside either. Larry later schedules a walk through and any questions are answered. My walk through took less that 10 minutes since everything was properly installed. Best was when Larry was leaving the house, said to call him if there were ever any problems with the windows. Since that time we’ve had a number of heavy, driving rainstorms. Not a leak. This was a wonderful, easy experience. Both my wife and I work outside the house, so the workers were in the house alone. We completely trusted the workers and Larry. They are coming back to install garage doors.

-Mark S., Collegeville, PA—Window Replacement

Total kitchen remodeling transforming a laundry room w/ fridge & small kitchen into an open floorplan with all new cabinetry, granite countertops and tile flooring. Two walls were removed, ductwork was rerouted, plumbing and electric lines were also moved. The end result was adding tons more storage and 5x as much counter space for a kitchen that is a joy to cook and entertain in. Everyone always gravitates to the kitchen and now the kitchen and living room are one large space separated by a 4 seat granite bar. Larry was a pleasure to work with. He was always available for any questions or concerns and the entire project stayed on schedule from start to finish. Larry brought many valuable and creative ideas to our design-many great improvements over our original ideas. He does a great job of ensuring that the new work fits in with the character of the house. The crew that Meridian uses are all terrific- highly professional perfectionists! They reused much or the original woodwork from the 1920’s to blend the new kitchen in with the existing style of the house. This work has totally transformed our house and was worth every penny.

-Gail M., Media, PA—Kitchen Remodel

They are an excellent company. Everything was perfect. They came in on time. They couldn’t have done more to help us. The men came and were very careful about how they left the house. I trusted them with my key. They were super-trustworthy and were absolute craftsmen. The gentleman that did the molding and cabinet installation was an excellent craftsmen as well. They were respectful of the property and courteous. They were able to answer my questions and help me out with everything. They don’t do too much sub-contracting, but the people they did sub-contract were good as well.

-Faye S., Harleysville, PA—Kitchen Remodel

Complete demolition and remodel of entire first floor of a 20 year old home including new kitchen, cabinets, granite countertops, kitchen window, ceramic tile backslash, appliances, all trimwork including baseboards, 5 and 1/2 inch hardwood floors throughout, laundry room tile floor, wet bar, wall removal and relocation, built in fireplace cabinets, new interior pocket doors, exterior doors and storm doors, bathroom, all painting including trim, ceilings and walls, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. The first floor was completely removed down to bare walls and floors so that it looked like early phase new home construction after the demolition phase was complete. The wall between the original kitchen and family room was removed and another kitchen wall was moved two feet into the study to create more kitchen space. The wall between the dining room and a kitchen nook was moved and a new doorway into the study was created. To create even further open space a doorway was created between the family room and living room where there had previously been a full wall. New plumbing and HVAC lines were run and a new doorway from the laundry room into the kitchen was also created to allow for more usable kitchen counter space. All existing door and window trim was also removed throughout the first floor as were existing electrical fixtures and kitchen appliances. The next phase included building newly relocated walls, doorways and a new and expanded kitchen window; it also involved detailed and meticulous preparation of the walls, ceiling and trim work for painting in conjunction with roughed in plumbing, electrical and HVAC work. Five skilled workers, including an outstanding project manager, coordinated the rebuilding of walls, doorways, painting, trim work, finished carpentry, cabinet installation, hardwood floor installation and finished plumbing and electrical work.
Meridian Construction was one of five firms that I considered for this project and I couldn’t have been happier with the selection I made. From the initial visit through to completion of the project, Larry was outstanding to work with and he and his brother, Mick, have put together an excellent team of craftsmen who do meticulous work. Larry worked closely with me to put together a design that went through several iterations to reach a final plan that resulted in an amazing transformation of my old first floor. His wealth of experience paid off for me many times over as he offered suggestions based upon the number of successful major renovations that he’s completed over the years. As the project moved on, he made changes on the fly that resulted in beautiful work. He told me that the project would take six weeks; it started on time and his team put in extra hours to ensure that it was completed on time. Almost unheard of these days!! His craftsmen are experienced, highly skilled, attentive to every detail, and genuinely interested in producing superb results. Their work was outstanding and, as importantly, they took time to clean their workspace every day in an effort to minimize as much as possible the disruption that occurs in this kind of project. They were attentive to every detail at every phase of the project; it didn’t matter if people would never see some of the detail. What was great was that it mattered to the workers. The kitchen cabinets, doors, window and door trim, Kitchen Island, wet bar, fireplace built in cabinets and hardwood floors were all installed with skill and precision and it shows. I’ve had work done in my home before, including extensive painting, and I never saw prep work and time spent up front that came anything close to this. As a result, people who come into the home can’t believe it’s the same house; it truly looks like something you’d see in a magazine. It’s been a few months since the job was finished and the Meridian folks have checked in to make sure that everything is satisfactory and they’ve been happy to come out for some very minor touch ups too!!

-Carl Z., Blue Bell, PA—Whole House Remodel

Complete kitchen renovation. Taken down the framing, windows moved, pocket doors to dining room installed, custom cabinets installation, built in appliances installation, plumbing, electric. Cosmetic decor- partial wall with pillar to separate kitchen area from family room. Very easy to work with. Listen to your desires/needs. Provide additional ideas, warn of possible issues with desires, neat, pleasant. Workers very knowledgeable in their respective areas and provide good insight/suggestions. When they visit before or after jobs they take their shoes off automatically before entering.

-Mark R., Lansdale, PA—Kitchen Remodel


-Brian P., Lansdale, PA—Addition

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