Home Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

Some home design trends really made an impression in the 1990s and early 2000s—from nautical motifs and glass block windows to sponged wall paint and wallpaper borders—but it’s out with the old and in with the new. Here are the top design trends to watch for and incorporate in your 2018 home renovation project.

Color Trends of 2018

  • Vibrant color palettes: While neutral colors can help prevent a small space from feeling too intense, bold hues are appropriate for statement pieces, such as a bright red armchair in the living room, teal accent wall in the bedroom, or orange lamp shade in the study.
  • Black and white: The contrast of a black and white color scheme makes for a timeless design trend. A few pops of color found in throw pillows, artwork, and other décor add just the right amount of personality.
  • Warm colors: The past few years have been focused on cool blues and greens, but bold, warm tones are making a comeback in 2018. Incorporating tonal reds adds complementary contrast to a room, and accessorizing with burnt yellow, which was once viewed as too overwhelming, is now considered to exude happiness and confidence.

What Pattern Trends Are Popular in 2018?

  • Floral: Using flowered images to decorate with is nothing new, but the trend continues into 2018. Contrasting colors and exaggerated proportions are particularly trendy this year.
  • Geometric: 2018’s geometric trends have included bolder colors and larger patterns to make a statement wherever you incorporate these designs.
  • Fish scales: Particularly popular as a backsplash pattern, fish scales are a simple, classic look perfect for when you get tired of subway tiles.

Furnishing Trends to Incorporate into Your Home Remodel

  • Natural elements: The tech-obsessed décor of the past decade is giving way to more natural materials in 2018. Consider stone, wood, wicker, and burlap to add an organic, serene atmosphere to your home.
  • Velvet sofas: What was once considered old-fashioned and stuffy has circled back around to become trendy once more. In 2018, velvet is viewed as a plush, funky fabric that adds a soft texture to the living room sofa and throw pillows.
  • Concrete: The crisp, industrial look of concrete provides a clever contrast with the softer materials in your home. Concrete isn’t just for countertops—use it for furniture, wall coverings, tile, and decorative accessories as well.
  • Copper and brass: Metal has always served as an important accent in the home, but instead of gray stainless steel and polished nickel, the warm earth tones of copper and brass are taking center stage in 2018. From kitchen and bathroom faucets to sink basins and light fixtures, incorporate these metals anywhere that seems appropriate.
  • Vintage and 70s chic: Some old fashions are reappearing with dramatic flair in 2018. For instance, vintage copper pendant lights, trough sinks, and ball and claw tubs are all the rage this year.
  • Terrazzo: This year, granite is taking a backseat to this multi-colored speckled composite stone. Terrazzo is a popular countertop material and also makes for trendy backsplash and floor tiles.
  • Houseplants: With their natural appeal and ability to clean the air, houseplants are as popular as ever in 2018. Popular, easy-to-care-for options include peace lilies, snake plants, bromeliads, philodendrons, and succulents.

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