The Benefits of Design/Build

Once you’ve made the decision to renovate, remodel, or add on to your existing home, you’ll be able to think of little else. While the idea of transforming your home in to a more livable, functional, or aesthetically pleasing space is exciting, the process itself can be overwhelming.

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When you think about the number of steps involved in the design, execution, and completion of your project, as well as the number of individuals required to complete the work, you may be tempted to scrap the idea—but there is a solution. The design/build approach streamlines and simplifies every aspect of the renovation process, with a number of significant benefits you can’t afford to be without.

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What Is Design/Build?

The traditional renovation model requires the homeowner to manage two separate entities: the designer and the contractor, each with their own team of sub-consultants or sub-contractors. Assuming the role of project manager, the homeowner will be expected to settle and resolve any disputes between the two entities, who sometimes choose to blame one another for project delays or other concerns.

The design/build process is streamlined by involving only one firm and one contract. With the designer and contractor working together, modifications, delays, and other concerns are addressed in-house for a more seamless collaboration.

Benefits of Design/Build


The design/build model fosters teamwork rather than competition. By working together to achieve a singular goal, the unit functions as a whole rather than two or more separate organizations. When challenges arise, the unified team will work together to find a solution rather than assigning blame to the other side.


When you partner with a design/build firm, you work with the same project manager from the inception of your project to its completion. This increases the overall efficiency and helps provide structure and uniformity so that each step of the process receives equal care and attention.


Consistent communication between the homeowner and project manager is always beneficial as goals and objectives are clearly set and the building process proceeds. The design/build approach improves the efficiency of your project, as there is no need to wait for one party to respond before the other can proceed. Lines of communication flow freely between the project manager and homeowner, as well as between each member of the design/build team.

Cost Savings

Improvements made to your home can increase its value and enhance your lifestyle, but in order to maximize your investment, it’s crucial that all parties involved adhere to the budget and timeline set forth at the beginning of the project. Enhanced communication, ease of collaboration, and a common goal help to speed up the design/build process, helping to save you time and money. Early budgetary projections allow for a smooth transition between each stage of construction.

Quality Control

Individual design and construction firms may have a number of different crews coming in and out of your home, making it difficult to determine accountability for various aspects of your project. Effective collaboration between designers and builders produces a more desirable end result that is both aesthetically pleasing and economically viable.

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